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The Things That Need to Go in 2018,Part Five


Hey Everyone,

I hope you’re enjoying the list! We’ve gone through parts one through four,and here we are with 40 items left to go. So without further adieu, let’s get to it!

Disclaimer: This list is is intended for entertainment purposes and should be taken semi-seriously.

Bettman40. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman

First year selection

Part Five of our series begins with a commissioner who has not served the sport he is in charge of all that great,Gary Bettman. First off,he’s had three work stoppages under his watch,one of which wiped away an entire season and as a result fan interest went away for a while,things have recovered,but the damage was done for many hockey fans due to that lockout.

Not only that,but a lot of controversial decisions that have happened with Bettman,the latest being the NHL declining to take part in the PeyongChang Olympics in February,have made him a very disliked person for hockey fand everywhere. He’s booed constantly whenever he appears at the NHL Entry Draft or the Winter Classic,and when he hands the Stanley Cup to whatever American team wins it this time.

Bettman has to go, I think there are far better people you could put in his position to make the sport a fairer one for both players and fans alike.

mlb logo39. The MLB trade deadline

Third year selection

I ask this yet again: If trades happen after the trade deadline in Major League Baseball,then why even have a trade deadline?

I understand that contending teams,or teams that wish to contend,make moves around the end of July to get quality pieces from teams who aren’t doing so hot to make a run at the World Series, but why are there trades even allowed after that deadline?

Not only that,but the teams who trade for these players generally have no plans to retain them following the season. I think teams need to be making trades for guys that are only gonna be there for two months. It doesn’t make these guys seem like they were even on the team and a prominent member for that team,unless of course they win it all.

Just don’t have a trade deadline if these post-Jul. 31 deals will go through anyways.

preseasonnfl38. CATCH-ALL: Half of the NFL preseason and People who put too much importance on NFL preseason games

Third year selection

If there’s one thing I don’t like about football,it’s the length of the preseason. Four games where fans are forced to pay full price to watch third and fourth stringers play against each other in a game that doesn’t count in the standings.

I think having two preseason games is fine in order to properly evaluate talent that you may add to your team and to see who doesn’t fit in there,too. But four games? Nah,we don’t need that. Also,charge less money for these games.

One more thing,fans,you have to stop putting too much importance on these games.

Winning a preseason game isn’t that important. Have you ever notices that the best teams generally don’t win those games? That’s because they’re focused on winning games that count.

TankingFans37. Sports fans who actively root for their team to tank

First year selection

Let’s Keep it Real with this one. I absolutely loathe the idea that you have to lose every game in order to get better draft picks to build for the future and that you should be rooting for your team to lose every game in order to get there.

That’s where I disagree wholeheartedly. I’m a die-hard Edmonton Oilers fan and the season before they drafted Connor McDavid they weren’t very good at all,but never was I rooting for them to lose game after game. I just wanted for them to get better,and as that season went on and Todd Nelson took over as interim head coach,they were playing better hockey and I was more than fine with that. They ended up with the fourth-worst record that year and won the NHL Draft Lottery anyways and drafted McDavid. I’m glad he’s there now,but had they not been in that position,I would’ve just wanted them to make them better in the best way possible.

For some fans that means losing so much so their team can get a high draft choice and I fail to see how that’s the best way to be successful. Tanking is hardly the answer, what is the answer is getting the best players in place that can help your team win,and if by some stroke of luck that’s a high draft pick that’s going to be your team’s savior,so be it,but don’t wish for it.

You play to win the game!

FakeCountryGirls36. City girls who describe themselves as “country”

Third year selection

I guess since this was a Keepin’ it Real entry in years past,we can do so again this year.

I still find this hilarious anytime when I see girls from cities like San Francisco,Los Angeles,or San Diego describe themselves as country and having “Southern pride.”

Where’d that come from?

You’ve never lived in the South, you’ve probably never been there and are probably never going to live there. Just because you have a Confederate flag hanging in your garage where your lifted truck is parked and you watch Redneck Island and voted for Trump because of his fancy red hat.

Also,those boots you bought because you went to a Luke Bryan concert at the Cow Palace don’t give you a country qualification.

pachulia35. Voting for Zaza Pachulia to be an All-Star

First year selection

One thing I’m getting sick of is too many people voting for Zaza Pachulia to be an All-Star. Every year during early voting for the NBA All-Star Game players,the Warriors center (no matter what team he’s on) seems to get a ton of votes despite the fact that he averaged 6.1 points and six rebounds last season,which are hardly numbers that are remotely close to All-Star worthy.

I know that in the end he wasn’t an All-Star,but when are folks going to know that he shouldn’t be getting All-Star votes and I know that a lot of that is from his home country of Georgia,but even they should know that his stats aren’t all that and a bag of chips.

dnclogo34. Establishment Democrats

Second year selection

It’s the second year for this item to appear on the lists and it appears the party hasn’t learned their lesson from losing the election last year.

They’re still catering to their corporate interests, they still denounce progressive ideas and aren’t throwing much support to candidates who do want to provide change for the party and for the country overall.

As I stated last year,I left the party myself after they lost to the most unpopular politician in history and came to the realization that as long as they were going to be the party that just opposes Trump and offers no real alternative,they were going to continue to lose.

But there is hope,a revolution is starting and for the better. I am of the belief that those who are a part of it are part of something special,those who aren’t are going to get run over. Step aside,establishment,we got this!

33. CATCH-ALL: Showing Super Bowl commercials before the Super Bowl and Unfunny Super Bowl commercials

Second year selection

Something that I hate before the Super Bowl airs is when they release the commercials. It takes away every element of surprise that I once loved about the commercials. So while I make every effort to not see them,it is sometimes unavoidable and I shouldn’t have to. I think it’s time we left something secret until the big game kicks off.

Not only that,but the commercials that are shown have lacked a vital ingredient-comedy.

When I was younger these commercials were a big highlight of the whole day. Beyond that, I want to be entertained during the commercial break,not depressed or even have your political view shoved down my throat. Let’s get hilarity back in our Super Sunday ads.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ gesture=”media” allow=”encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe

32. People who blare their music that I don’t care about

Second year selection

This was on the list a couple years ago and it’s back.

A lot of times I’ll be out driving and pulling next to me is some wiseguy who is blaring their music in some souped-up car that’s valued at $1100 even with the cosmetic crap they put on it. It’s loud and annoying and makes me wish you weren’t in the lane next to me. It also happens when I’m in the parking lot of a grocery store or a mall and I just can’t take it anymore.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Selfcheckoutdriverlesscar.png31. CATCH-ALL: Self checkout and driverless pizza delivery cars

Second year selection,first year selection

These two items are on our list,the former making a return appearance and the latter making its debut.

Self-checkout,while convenient,is in essence a robot taking jobs away from actual people. I think it would be beneficial to the retail industry to eliminate this and it might put more jobs back into stores, would force people to get to a checkstand, and it gets those social phobes who use self-checkout to interact with someone.

And as far as Domino’s Pizza’s idea of driverless pizza delivery cars, it’s gotta go,too.

I’m actually against autonomous vehicles. Why? Because I waited so long to get my drivers license and now you’re taking away jobs from kids who are starting out in the world by having pizza delivery cars without having a driver. I know I sound like an old man when it comes to these kinds of things, but some things should be left alone.

BeathardInjury.jpg30. Cheering or laughing when a player gets injured

Second year selection

This is making it again as a Keepin’ it Real selection and it still happens and it’s sick.
I remember it happening to Matt Cassel,who was then the quarterback of the Chiefs back in 2012 and it’s happening more ever since. The thing that has to hurt the most for players is when their own fans do it to them. These players have families who are worried about their health and well-being.

The fact of the matter is is that while these players make more money then I’ll ever possess at one time in my life, they’re human just like you and me and during their careers they suffer a ton of injuries and afterwards they feel the effects,to the point where they take their own lives because the pain is so large.

Cheering for their demise in their health is a deplorable thing to do and anyone who does this should be ashamed of themselves.

DraftLottery29. Draft lotteries

Second year selection

This is making the list again even though both the NBA and NHL are making strides to make sure that teams who aren’t exactly tanking have more of a chance to get the top pick in the draft.

It’s not fun being a fan of an awful team, but when your team tanks season after season by building through the draft and are still terrible,something’s gotta give.

Life is short and these teams need to realize that their fans can’t afford to wait years or even decades to rebuild. Stop tanking and start getting players that fit the mold of what you want your team to be.

Having said that, I think the worst team should get the top overall pick still,but if the tweaks these two leagues have made work,it may be off the list in the future.

ConverseWedgeSneakers28. Wedge sneakers

Third year selection

While the trend isn’t as big as it was and more than likely this is its last year on the list, it’s still around and it’s ugly. Very ugly.

What’s the point of wearing a pair of sneakers that make you taller? Why not just wear regular sneakers that keep you at the same height and probably more comfortable?

As I said in last year’s list,you’re probably better off in heels or wedges if you want to be taller while still wearing semi-casual clothing. You’ll look more stylish and not as trashy. Step your shoe game up! Remember what I said about weak shoe games,guys,they matter.

mikepence27. Mike Pence

First year selection

There are many repulsive things about the Donald Trump “presidency” and Mike Pence is one of them.

Not only are many of his policies frightening,but he seems so vanilla and is an image coming out of 1926.

I think the most egregious thing about him that he did this year is when he was at the Colts game for five minutes and his poor little feelings got hurt when players took a knee when the national anthem played.

What he could have done instead was talked with players after the game to address their concerns and to inquire about what he and the current administration can do to make sure their voices are heard. That never happened and to me, if you’re a public servant and you’re seeing this and want it to stop,talk to them. Don’t run away like a sissy because your feeling are hurt. That’s very cowardly and honestly,America deserves not only a better President,but a better vice president as well.

insurancebox26. The Progressive talking insurance box

Second year selection

I still hate this commercial and if you don’t,you should.

First of all,when exactly did insurance come in a box? I never received insurance in a box ever in my life.

Also, the commercials he’s starred in are terrible. Whether he’s on The Bachelor or flying on an airplane,the commercials are just awful. I think there would be one good commercial,though,where I throw the box in a burning fireplace. It’s time for this box of insurance to be destroyed and for Progressive to just use Flo and her buddies in their commercials.

christmas25. The “War on Christmas”

Third year selection

This idea that there’s a War on Christmas and Fox News perpetuating it is a falsehood.

First of all,there’s no such thing as a War on Christmas. Over 70-percent of people in America identify as Christian, but about 90-percent celebrate Christmas.

The far right have this idea that because you say “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” instead of “Merry Christmas” that you’re anti-American. Also,remember when they got pissy at Starbucks a couple years back over their solid red cup? That was so ridiculous!

Also ridiculous is the idea that Barack Obama never said Merry Christmas during his eight years in office. Not true,Google it!

One of my friends said it best last year, instead of getting upset over someone saying to you “Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas”, be happy that someone thought enough of you to say something nice to you and offer their best wishes during the holiday season in a country where we’re so divided on so much these days.

ThursdayNightFootball24. Thursday night NFL games

Third year selection

With the exception of Thanksgiving Day, I’m not much of a fan of the Thursday games. In years past the match-ups haven’t been very good to watch and to see teams going on less than a week’s rest playing far from quality football.

I think part of the problem with the NFL and their ratings not being as good as they once were is that there’s a lot of oversaturation of games spread out over several days. I think if they stuck to Sundays and Mondays mainly that they would be better games and interest would go up because the games are on a generally set day.

Smellyanne23. Kellyanne Conway

First year selection

Here’s a joke of a person who shouldn’t be advising anyone let alone a sitting President,but here she is,Smellyanne Conjob.

From inventing alternative facts to claiming that the previous president spied on us through our microwaves, Conway is part of why the current “presidency” is an embarrassment to the world. The only reason why these terrible Sunday shows showcase her is because she says so many stupid things and it gets them ratings whenever she does.

These shows need to stop giving someone so much publicity in the name of sensationalism. She’s a sick person who is devoted to slurping a man who has no morals and is not mentally fit to lead our country.

Also,get your shoes off the couch.

Shooting_range22. Videos and pictures of people at gun ranges

Third year selection

After all these mass shootings we’ve had the last few years,it seems that a majority of people don’t get that there is a problem with gun violence and that we need to do something about it. Thoughts and prayers don’t do shit to solve the problem. Policy and change does.

Anyways,this is back on the list because honestly, this chain reaction of people posting pictures of themselves firing guns at shooting ranges,is dumb. And by the way,I’m not impressed.

It’s not that I am against anyone having a gun, I’m not. I just don’t want to hear about it or see your damn pictures or videos all the time on social media. Nobody cares!

21. CATCH-ALL: Dragging people off planes unnecessarily and airlines overbooking flights

This ends our fifth part here and it had to make the list. I was shocked to see a man being dragged off a plane when he didn’t want to give up his seat and as a result was hospitalized and basically treated like he was lifeless and that he didn’t matter. What surprised me even more was learning that airlines overbook flights on purpose.

Are you freaking kidding me?

No wonder I haven’t flown in a decade and am not about to start now. Airlines treating people like baggage and then kicking them off a flight that they paid for hardly seems like good customer service. Honestly,if I want to go somewhere within the country,I’ll just drive myself. I get to see more when I’m in the car anyways.

Part Six tomorrow!

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