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Reviewing Salted Caramel Pepsi

SaltedCaramelPepsiThis past summer we saw the folks at Pepsi debut a limited-time only flavor with Pepsi Fire. This holiday season they’re at it again with a new flavor-Salted Caramel Pepsi. I don’t know what salted caramel has to do with being a seasonal by any means, but if they want to make it as such, so be it.

When I saw this on Facebook for the first time,I thought “Well if I come across it,we’ll do a review.”

Last night while making a run to get something to drink,there it was at my local convenience store.

This isn’t Pepsi’s first time around with a beverage of this sort. In 2007 they had a caramel-flavored drink called Diet Pepsi Jazz Caramel Dream (I never heard of it,either.) and it obviously didn’t stay around long. 

Upon opening it and giving it a smell, you can smell the caramel and the salt,which means you’re in for something different. The taste is actually one I don’t mind. It has a sweet taste with the caramel and salt staying around for a bit. I like that in a drink to be honest with you. 

My sister and mother also gave it a try when I brought it home and they both weren’t too thrilled about it and to be honest,if it’s too unusual for you and you’re not into anything that’s majorly salty, this may not be the kind of drink you like. 

I actually did like it, just like I enjoyed Pepsi Fire. It does have an interesting sweet but salty flavor that to me is welcome. I don’t think it’s as good as the best holiday drink Pepsi ever came out with (that being Holiday Spice Pepsi from 2008,which Pepsi needs to bring back someday),but it certainly holds its own and I think while it lasts and you’re up for it,you should try it as well.

Thumbs Up!


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