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No worries,Oilers fans,everything will be fine

Lately,there have been a portion of long suffering Edmonton Oilers fans who are in crisis mode after their latest slump has them seeing the Calgary Flames catching up to them in their rear view mirror in the playoff standings. They’re even wondering why a major move wasn’t made to get some help at the trade deadline,perhaps to even get a back-up goalie to relieve the obviously tired Cam Talbot,who has netminded all but seven games the Oilers have played this season.McDavidNo97

I have one thing to say about all of that-Relax,we got this!

Edmonton has been in a playoff spot all season long. Ever since that 7-4 win over Calgary on Oct. 12 to open Rogers Place, they’ve managed to be in one of those coveted three spots in the Pacific Division. As of press time, they’re still in one of them with 79 points, which if the season ended today, would have them facing the Anaheim Ducks in the first round. Yes,the Ducks would have home ice advantage,but the Oilers would be there facing them in a best-of-seven series. I do think Edmonton can win that series because of how fast they are and because of how many penalty minutes the Ducks have had this year. Yes,it would take all seven games for them to do it,but I think it’s in the realm of possibility.

Am I worried if Calgary catches them? No way! Why? Because if that were to happen, they’ve still got a big lead on the Blues and teams like the Kings the Jets who are still in the hunt with 15 games to go in the regular season. Will it suck if they have to face the Wild or the Blackhawks in the first round? No,but their chances of winning that series are diminished,especially if they have to play the Wild (That team is fucking amazing!).

As for Cam Talbot, has he played an extreme amount this year? Yes! Has he had a reliable back-up? Not necessarily, but I think Laurent Brossoit should be given a start here and there,especially once the Oilers clinch to give Talbot some rest for the postseason. Brossoit has shown me he can be effective when he is in for Talbot, at least he was more effective them Jonas Gustavvson was. It would’ve been nice to get a good back-up in case Talbot gets hurt, but I don’t think many goaltenders were out there for the team’s liking and if there was,the price would’ve been too high.

All in all,the goal for the Edmonton Oilers in the 2016-17 season is and has been to make the playoffs for the first time since 2006. That’s it! Whether they’re in one of the three top spots in the Pacific or playing as a wild card, this team’s goal remains the same. I don’t necessarily care who they play,I just want to see my team in a place they haven’t been since I was 24 years old and still not driving a car, in bonus postseason hockey.

If I didn’t think they were going to the playoffs,would I have spent my Amazon gift cards tat I got for my birthday on a Connor McDavid jersey with the captaincy patch on it? I don’t think so! I hardly ever get player jerseys, so this was a big purchase for me because I think this kid will be in an Oilers uniform for seasons to come (Sorry,Leafs fans).

I think we Oilers fans need to take it down a notch,not be such worrywarts about all of this,and think positive about this because they’re going to be okay and they’re going to be playing postseason hockey. If I’m wrong,I’ll come back on here and say that I was,but I have a strong feeling that won’t be happening.

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