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Hurry up,baseball season,you’re my only hope!

I have a confession to make,this is the worst time of year for me as a sports fan because unless my football team wins the Super Bowl,there is absolutely nothing to cheer for until baseball season arrives. Why you ask? Because my favorite basketball team and my favorite hockey team equally suck ass and have for a decade.

As a sports fan,it’s such an empty feeling because some of my other friends have teams in playoff races in both the NBA and the

It hasn't been the best season for Rudy Gay and the Sacramento Kings.

It hasn’t been the best season for Rudy Gay and the Sacramento Kings.

NHL and I’m stuck waiting for what’s next. That’s a curse of being a fan of two sports teams that aren’t playing for much down the stretch. Sure,neither the Sacramento Kings or the Edmonton Oilers aren’t mathematically out of the playoff race in their respective leagues as of press time,but fans like me know they’re both done as far as giving me any hope for something good to brew this late in the year.

I had a lot of hope for the Kings this year and even placed them in the playoffs in my season preview before the season started. With DeMarcus Cousins,Rajon Rondo,and a supposedly better supporting cast with George Karl as head coach and a depleted Western Conference, I didn’t think my prediction was too far off. What I forgot was that the Sacramento Kings are one of the NBA’s laughingstock franchises who are very impatient as far as keeping a head coach for more than five minutes, not to mention their rocky relationship with the current coach who is inevitably going to get axed at some point or just straight up quits because,let’s face it,Karl doesn’t need to put up with this much shit. What went wrong with the Kings this year is that there wasn’t a good foundation to lay down for a plan to break the decade-long futility for this team. They tried to an extent, but it hasn’t worked out. Also,why the fuck hasn’t Seth Curry played very much? 

While the Oilers haven't been the greatest,McDavid is a big bright spot.

While the Oilers haven’t been the greatest,McDavid is a big bright spot.

As for the Oilers, a lot of what went wrong was a lot of injuries plagued this team,including missing their top overall pick,Connor McDavid, for over two months with a broken clavicle. For a while it looked like the remainder of the team would and could carry the team while McDavid was rehabilitating. He’s back now and the team doesn’t look like they’re playing very well or for each other. Also,there are so many of the same players on this team that I think it’s time general manager Peter Chiarelli made some moves to get some of those extra pieces to new homes and it’s time to build this team around McDavid,who is clearly this team’s best player and the future of this team. Also,get Justin Schultz off this fucking roster,trade him for a gumball machine with a hockey stick taped to it for all I care,I just want him gone,he’s garbage! I also think not naming a captain was a mistake for this team because the guys have nobody to really look to as far as a leadership role. Sure,that C will one day be on McDavid’s sweater,but why not name someone for the time being? I hated when McLellan did that with his last year as coach of the Sharks and I didn’t care for it this time around. I think the team overall is headed in a better direction and the best is yet to come,but the right pieces are still waiting to come to Edmonton.

I can't wait to see this guy behind the plate again!

I can’t wait to see this guy behind the plate again!

Right now I am just waiting to see what happens with baseball. I’m ready to see home runs,double plays, and perfect games come back into my life. I’m ready for Kruk and Kuip to come back to my TV and for Jon and Dave to be on my radio when I’m not able to watch the games. I’m ready for that “Let’s go Giants” chant and I’m more than happy to proclaim in extreme joy that it’s an even year,ladies and gentlemen! We all know what has happened in recent even years and I have a lot of hope that it will again this even year. I can’t hardly wait for it! Let’s hurry this spring training nonsense up so that I have something to cheer for again in the sports world. 

Let’s go Giants!


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