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Odds & Ends-Volume 127


Here it is, my Super Bowl Edition of Odds & Ends!

First off,I just want to say how cool it was to see a sellout at Levi’s Stadium for a change. 

But let’s ultimately begin with the Denver Broncos and their win against the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. They showed that they had a lot to prove given that they were the underdogs in this game and almost nobody was giving them a real chance to win,myself PeytonSB50included.

While they weren’t great offensively (as per usual this season), they did dominate on defense, containing Cam Newton and making the necessary stops,plays,and even picks to prevent the Panthers from doing any real damage in the game. Peyton Manning earns his second ring in what’s believed to be his final game as the Broncos won 24-10.

And kudos to the league for not giving the MVP award to Manning because he really didn’t play well enough for that honor. Von Miller was maybe the best choice because of the play he made in the first quarter that set up the Broncos’ first touchdown.

NewtonSB50As for the Panthers, all you can think of is that Cam Newton was not himself nor was their run game as good as it should’ve been throughout the game. Yeah,they’d get a big spurt of yards going from either Newton or Stewart or Tolbert or even Whitaker, but after that, they’d get stuffed for no gain or a yard or even a loss of yardage. There were times when they ran the ball and the offense looked asleep and unaware of what was happening. Newton was basically force feeding them the ball and it didn’t look pretty.

I also think their subpar receiving core was an Achilles heel for Carolina. Had Kelvin Benjamin been there all year long, I think they may have had more of a chance to win this game because he is a trusted target of Newton’s.

This team looked inexperienced and in trouble and the way you could tell is by looking at their frustrated quarterback. Newton just looked impatient, sour,and not keeping his head in the game,all factors that I thin contributed to the Panthers not winning this game.

Someone else I have to talk about is Aqib Talib and how much of a punk he was during this game. First he had the taunting USP NFL: SUPER BOWL 50-CAROLINA PANTHERS VS DENVER S FBN USA CApenalty called on him in the first quarter and was later flagged in the second quarter for unnecessary roughness for grabbing receiver Corey Brown’s facemask.

Talib has a history of being an instigator. Earlier this season he poked Colts tight end Dwayne Allen in the eye, an incident he was suspended a game for. He also got into a fight with then Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith, Sr. in a game back in 2013 when Talib played for the New England Patriots.

My friend Josh texted me and asked if I as a Pats fan missed Talib,I texted “No sir!”. Talib is a dirty player who has shown such bad behavior in the past and could continue to in the future if something doesn’t get done about personal fouls in the offseason. A proposed rule would have a player ejected after receiving two personal foul calls and I think it might be time for that rule to go into effect. With Talib’s penalties as well as the bad behavior of Vontaze Burfict and Adam Jones earlier in the postseason might signal the need for that rule change. We shall see if it comes to fruition.

Now we go to the commercials and just like last year, very few were funny or even that creative and/or good.

Some that I liked were the commercial for the Amazon Echo featuring Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino where the snack stadium was unveiled. I loved the idea of that,so much so that I want to build one of these things. I also like the Bud Light as with Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen, mainly because I like Schumer’s squishy little face and find her semi-attractive. I loved the Doritos one with the Dad eating the chips and the baby following the chip that he has in his hand with the ultrasound. The Dad then throws the chip and the baby is born. Freakin’ hilarious.

Some I didn’t care for were that creepy as shit Puppy Baby Monkey one for Mountain Dew. If anything, it confused me quite a bit and I finally came to a conclusion that you had to be extremely high on an expensive form of marijuana to get it. I also didn’t like the Acura or Audi commercials because it was basically flaunting wealth in people’s faces and advertising cars that the average football fan can’t afford,much like the game they were watching on Sunday.

Overall,the commercials were not very funny. At least they didn’t have any kids dying in commercials like they did last year, that depressed the shit out of me in a time where I no longer wanted to be depressed. But still, if you’re spending $5 million for a 30 second spot, make it funny! The Super Bowl is supposed to be entertaining,yo!

The halftime show was pretty decent. I liked seeing Coldplay,Bruno Mars,and Beyonce all together, but I thought it was a lot better last year with Katy Perry and that lovable rogue shark to her left.

EliSB50Finally my favorite moment of the game was when they panned to the box where Eli “I won two Super Bowls based on luck” Manning was sitting and watching and his reaction to his brother sealing the game for the Broncos and tying him in championships. He looked dejected. Very dejected. And I loved it!

Why did I love it? Because now we can officially say that Peyton was the better Manning brother. Did he need to win a second ring to prove it? No,but it helps his case. Eli,in my opinion, isn’t nearly as good as his brother and never will be and that look on his face which basically said “Ah,shit,now Peyton’s the favorite son and I’m just chopped liver now and the family is going to forget about me.” and it made me just smile.

That’s my Super Bowl edition of Odds & Ends,until next time!


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