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Reviewing the new Houston Astros Alternate Jersey and Cap

AstroAltJerseyLast week there was a rumour that the Astros would unveil an alternate blue jersey to go with the other uniforms they currently have,and there was a rumour that the “rainbow era” stripes of the 1970s and 1980s would return in some small way.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday as the Astros unveiled the new jerseys at their FanFest.

The Astros will wear the new alternate jerseys on Sundays at home. The new jersey is navy blue with the familiar rainbow stripes on the side of the jersey with ASTROS written in orange block script outlined in white. The name and number on the back are in the same fashion. It’s almost the same design as their batting practice uniforms.AstrosAltCap

In addition to the new jersey,a new alternate cap will be worn with it. The cap is orange with a white H on top of a blue star. The bill of the cap is navy blue. 

Honestly,while I like the idea of bringing back the rainbow stripes coming back,but I wish they had been utilized more. Sure,it’s not the most eye pleasing design,but I honestly wouldn’t have minded if they had come back on some sort of white jersey on the front of the jersey instead of the sides. They basically just made their batting practice jerseys a permanent part of their uniforms. Also,why isn’t the jersey number on the front like all of the other uniforms the team currently wears? I feel like that should be there.

I do like the caps they plan to wear with the jerseys,those are solid,but as a baseball fan and a uniform fan,I feel quite underwhelmed,but the jersey is getting a Thumbs Down from me!belichickthumbsdown


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