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Odds & Ends-Volume 91


Sharks fans, I am getting pretty tired of you guys whining about how “bad” your team is.

It has not been good for Joe Pavelski and the Sharks as of late,but it could be worse,kids!

It has not been good for Joe Pavelski and the Sharks as of late,but it could be worse,kids!


For the last couple of days or so on social media, a lot of my friends who are Sharks fans kep complaining about how bad things have been for their team. One even said he would wear a paper bag on his head to the next game he attended as if the team was near the bottom of the standings and in the Connor McDavid sweepstakes. With 68 points, San Jose is currently not in the playoffs if the season ended today,but are still in the hunt.

While I agree with fans that this season has not been the best one for the Sharks and that wins have been hard to come by as of late, what if I told you fans that things could be much,much worse?

You guys should be in my shoes season after season watching your team play like crap and not even getting to sniff being in the hunt let alone the postseason. Not only that,but try being confused about whether you want your favorite team to win now or tank the rest of the season in order to try and get a better chance to draft McDavid or Jack Eichel from Boston University.

I think the panic button gets hit by you Sharks fans a bit too much. They will probably make the playoffs again and yes,they’ll probably lose in the first round and let you down,again. But,as I stated before, things could be much worse. Just ask any of us Oiler fans.

SharksAnd speaking of the Sharks’ activity in the offseason,it makes me wonder why the organization didn’t clean house after the team choked away that 3-0 lead against the eventual Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings. Not only was GM Doug Wilson retained, but so was coach Todd McLellan as well as Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau. I also think not naming a captain was a mistake.

These are decisions that,in my view, hurt the team more than it helped them. Usually when a team chokes that badly in a postseason series, heads roll. That didn’t happen in San Jose and now the team is in danger of missing the playoffs for the first time since 2003.

If Sharks fans want to wonder why this team didn’t get any better this year,they should probably look at the changes that weren’t made during the offseason.

If there’s anyone I expect to replace Pablo Sandoval as the other bat in the lineup, I think it’s going to be Brandon Belt. The reasonBelt being is because Belt was off to such a great start to last season and putting up All-Star caliber numbers before succumbing to injuries that limited his season. Some are expecting him to put up big numbers this season. There’s even been speculation that he may hit third in the line-up, though I think he would be better suited in the fourth of fifth spot.

Belt has a lot going for him to be the guy that replaces Sandoval in the line-up. He can hit for power, he’s been known to produce when the team needs it the most, and also,it’s a contract year for him and he’s going to want to show the Giants that he can get the job done. I have a strange feeling that this will be a career year for Belt should he be able to stay healthy for a big chunk of the season.

LakersAltCan we please stop showing the Los Angeles Lakers on national television until they’re once again a good team?

I’m not sure about you,but I am getting pretty tired of seeing crap teams like the Lakers getting continuous national airplay when there are teams on the rise like the Memphis Grizzlies, Toronto Raptors,and even the Atlanta Hawks who aren’t getting as much national airtime as the Lakers seem to have been getting the last two seasons despite being an awful team. I know that ESPN,TNT,and other national networks schedule these games before the season even starts, but even a guy like me knew that the Lakers weren’t going to be anything special even with Kobe Bryant back for some of this season. I know ESPN has the ability to flex out games as they’ve done with the equally awful New York Knicks,but can’t the same thing be done with the Lakers,too?

If the national broadcasters are going to insist on having awful teams like the Lakers on its schedule of games, they need to continue the trend by putting the Minnesota Timberwolves, Philadelphia 76ers and Orlando Magic on,too. It’s only fair!


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