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Remembering Dad

Friday was one of the most difficult and saddest days of my life as I lost the man I called Dad unexpectedly at the age of 55.

While the details of his death are still outstanding, the loss that myself and my family are feeling is a great one. My dad meant so much to me, he was the man who could make me laugh at just about any time of the day whether I was feeling happy or was down in the dumps. He was also the guy who could get me out of any scrape that I was in. He was such a big part of my life that for five days now has been missing and always will be.


Me,Dad,and my brother Derek at a Stockton Thunder playoff game in April 2013.

My father had many interests. He loved playing the guitar and did so whenever he had the chance, even if it meant some of us were trying to sleep so we could be well-rested the next day for work. He also loved to take his boat out to various lakes and rivers in Northern California, but we usually went over to Folsom Lake for boating adventures (even though it’s not much of one right now). He was also very passionate about politics and wanted to see a better quality of life for all people,something he felt is and has been lacking for quite some time.

He also loved watching the Sacramento Kings. He watched every game that he could and as of recently, he started recording them,whether he was home to watch it or not. I had hoped to take him to the new arena when it opens next year, but now I think us four kids and other family members should go in his memory. I think he would’ve loved to go.

We went to many sporting events together, whether it be the Kings, the Giants, the 49ers, even the RiverCats and the Stockton Thunder. Shit,we even braved the Coliseum and saw two A’s games with him. We had a good time at just about every sporting event we went to and I’m going to really miss going to games with him.

When I got my current job at the DMV in late 2012, I don’t think anyone was happier for me than my dad. I think it’s because he more than anyone else saw how rough it was for me and how unhappy I was in the grocery industry that he was glad that someone other than him believed in me and was willing to give me a chance in a time where I needed someone to give me one. It’s because of his work ethic and his pride in me that I decided to return to work today. He would’ve wanted me to have some normalcy in my life again and today is that first step.

Dad beat cancer. Not once,but twice,and both times that he did I never for a second bet against him in his fight for his life versus the disease. Even when friends and family had any doubt,I would try and help them see things in a more positive light and that he was never closer to beating it than he was right then. By the way, at the time of my father’s death he was cancer free and had been at his last check-up in November.

Dad, so many of us are going to miss you. All your friends, all your family,everyone who loved and adored you,and even people who didn’t get the chance to meet you are going to miss you. I never expected to lose you this soon and this way. Thank you for being apart of my life for the first 33 years of it. I’ll never forget you and I will always love you. You,of course,already knew that!

Let’s go Kings!





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