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Odds & Ends-Volume 53

DucksKingsFollowing the game between the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings at Dodger Stadium on Saturday, a 3-0 Anaheim victory, I heard an interesting stat as to why the game was given to the stadium. It turns out that California has more hockey fans per capita than any other state in the country.

Think about that.

This is a state that, time and time again,has been written off as a casual fanbase at best for hockey. Yet the NHL has three teams in the Golden State, all of whom are very good and make the playoffs every season,two of these teams have also won the Stanley Cup in recent years (Anaheim,2007 and Los Angeles,2012). And don’t forget all of the minor leagues teams in places like Stockton, Fresno,Ontario,and Bakersfield with fans of those teams. Those are some very good fans who love their teams even though the players move on up eventually.

Sure,the main reason why California has more hockey fans is because they have the most people in any other state,but make no mistake about it, it is a state where the fans really do love their hockey. I,as well as many of my friends,can attest to that.

NFLThe NFL is considering eliminating extra points in the future and if you ask me,I think the idea stinks.

What the league is proposing is that the extra point,which is made about 99.9% of the time, to be done away with and to give the team scoring a touchdown seven points. The two-point conversion would become an optional play if the team wants to make it an eight point score,but if failed,the point total of the touchdown would be six.

Look, I get that the extra point is almost always automatic, but to eliminate it and replace it with schoolyard rules in regards to the extra point conversion seems just ridiculous. I think we should keep the PAT and leave things alone that aren’t broken and don’t need fixing.


Another thing that would be tragic is if the Super Bowl were to be played on any other day than Sunday. Due to the blizzard conditions that the northeast has been experiencing lately,the league is exploring playing the game on either Friday or the following Monday if conditions look bleak for the Super Bowl Sunday. SBXLVIII

Yes,that’s right,the game might be on Friday or Monday,when the majority of us are at work. Not to mention that it would more than likely start at 5pm Pacific when I will still be at work and won’t be home until near 6pm. Are you fucking kidding me?

Did the league not know that this might happen in early February when they gave the game to the New York/New Jersey area? Not only that,but it seems like a puss move if you ask me. I personally like the idea of a cold weather Super Bowl. Cold,winter weather is football weather. Some of the best games in postseason histry were played in the cold. The Ice Bowl, the Tuck Rule game, the 2007 NFC Championship Game, were all epic and were all wonderfully cold. Like football should be.

So to the NFL and Super Bowl officials, I say suck it up and play on the day you’re scheduled to play.


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