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2014: Going Places

TJ13This year was one that was quite the year. We had a power outage at the Super Bowl. A mayor of a major North American city admitted to smoking crack. A song with cupstacking as the main instrument became a hit. What a year 2013 was!

If you read the yearly affirmation last year, at that time I started my new job with the state. I am still there a year later and am very much enjoying it. I did experience a lot of growing pains learning a new job in a totally different field than I came from,but I feel like everything has come together. Beyond that, I have some of the best co-workers a guy could ask for. Not only are they helpful to me,but also have been patient,tolerant with me. There are even times when we even spend some time outside the office which I think is great. This is a great workplace and I hope to be around for a while.

I had some pretty good times this year,too. From my yearly Marine World trip to going to see Weird Al Yankovic at the California State Fair (and going back to the Fair three times more) to crossing the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time.

I think the best thing that happened was being the best man at my brother’s wedding. It was an honor to be asked since it was my first wedding I had ever been in. It was such a great wedding and I have to say it was the best wedding I have either been a part or had seen. I was also happy that my speech for them went well. I am so happy for my brother and my new sister-in-law and wish them all the best.

There were also some trying times for me as I have experienced social anxiety. To be truthful,I have probably been experiencing it for a longer time than I have let on,but it has gotten worse this year. It probably happened during the summer. All of a sudden life changed. It has gotten to a point where asking a friend if they want to hang out is out of the question. I am always afraid that they either want nothing to do with me or are just too busy and therefore just forgo doing so. I know my fears are irrational, but it’s that fear that paralyzes me from doing anything to change. I am seeking help for this problem and hope this gets better someday.

This next year I have a lot planned as far as traveling. Going to familiar places, to places I have never been to and places I have not been in a long time. To near places and places far away. I even want to visit friends that I don’t get to see as often. I just want to go places. That’s why I titled this 2014: Going Places because that’s what I want to do. And this summer,I hope to be in a place of my own. I can’t wait.


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