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Odds & Ends-Volume 50


PackersTB13Okay,the NFL needs to quit with this stupid policy of only one helmet shell color per season,especially when it comes to teams wearing throwback uniforms.

A couple of weeks ago, the Green Bay Packers wore their Acme Packers throwbacks,but instead of wearing a brown colored helmet like in the past, they wore their usual yellow helmets without any stripes or decals. Sunday the Redskins wore their throwback uniforms,but with their usual burgundy helmets (without the stripes) instead of the brown ones they wore last year. The Rams also wore throwbacks,but since they did not change helmet colors, the yellow horns did appear on the helmets.

I don’t understand why the NFL does this, I think it is very fucking stupid to have the team’s current helmet be with a throwback uniform.

To me it takes the fun out of even having throwback uniforms in the first place. I mean, do Patriots fans want to see the old Pat Patriot logo on a silver helmet? I hardly think so, I know I don’t. Would the orange-clad Bucco Bruce even look right on the Bucs’ current pewter colored helmet? Not even!

I really hope the NFL gets rid of this policy. It is slowly but surely going to make teams not even going to wear their throwback uniforms anymore because of this stupid rule and it might even hurt merchandise sales with the old logos and colors on them. I like seeing teams wearing the throwback uniforms every now and then, some of them should return full time if you ask me. To ruin the uniforms with mismatched helmets is just outrageous!

The New Orleans Pelicans revealed their new mascot this past Wednesday. Pierre the Pelican was introduced to the Crescent City and the basketball world and I have to say that he is creepy. Super creepy!

Usually mascots tend to be a little cute and cuddly and that’s because mascots tend to be entertainment for the children. However, Pierre Pierredoes not appear to be cute or cuddly. He looks like he is going to scare some children into some pretty heavy nightmares.

I think the Pelicans were trying to make Pierre that cute and cuddly mascot, but got carried away with designs and this is the end result. I think they should try again and tone down the creepiness,then he might pass as a lovable mascot. Until that happens, prepare to be scared, Pelicans fans.

jonathan-martinOne story I have been following as of late is the bullying incident involving Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin. Last week before Miami’s 22-20 win over Cincinnati in overtime, Martin (according to reports) was asked by fellow guard Richie Incognito to sit with a few of his teammates for lunch, then Incognito and his mates bailed on Martin saying they were only kidding. This prompted Martin to slam his food tray down and leave. He has yet to rejoin the team and is waiting until he is sure it is safe to return to the team.

It is also reported that Martin has been bullied and harassed by teammates since his arrival last year and that Incognito was the ring leader. Incognito denies the allegations and has wished to have his name cleared. Late Sunday night before this went to press, the Dolphins have suspended Incognito and have sought the NFL’s help in this matter.

If what I am hearing is true, that Martin has been bullied by his teammates, then that’s a very toxic work environment to be in and I don’t blame Martin for not wanting to be around it. There are 52 other men in that locker room and they should be playing for one another,not demeaning them or their character. There is no place for that in society and no place for it in football. It will be interesting to see what happens with this situation.

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  1. The nfl players have hazed newcomers for years….its a practical joke! A right of passage! There is no way a grown man should get butt hurt or quit over that…sounds like someone wants to take their signing bonus and run….that locker room will never be safe to return to… Martin broke a sacred law…..never rat on your teammates!!! nobody want him in that locker room now and he knows it…..go be a cry baby somewhere else…bullied?…. poor baby, man up and quit bein a rat….have fun finding a job where you dont get messed with. you broke a sacred code in football…

    • Here is a voicemail Incognito left Martin,and I have uncensored it: “Hey, wassup, you half nigger piece of shit. I saw you on Twitter, you been training 10 weeks. [I want to] shit in your fucking mouth. [I’m going to] slap your fucking mouth. [I’m going to] slap your real mother across the face [laughter]. Fuck you, you’re still a rookie. I’ll kill you.”

      Yeah,that is real acceptable behavior. Incognito got what he deserves!

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