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Is this the Sharks’ legacy?

SharksOn Tuesday, the Sharks lost to the defending Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings 2-1 and the series in seven games. A hard fought series between both squads, but in the end home ice determined it (for both squads) and the Kings won in their home palace. 

After another exit from the Stanley Cup Playoffs just short of the goal of winning a Stanley Cup in San Jose,the Sharks and their fans have to wonder if this is the team’s legacy.

Make no mistake about it,the Sharks have had a great deal of success during their over 20 years of existence. They’ve been championship contenders several times, their best chance was 2009 when they won the President’s Trophy and were the top seed in the Western Conference, only to be bounced in the first round by the Anaheim Ducks, the eighth seed. Fans have to be wondering what will it take for them to not get to the Stanley Cup Finals,but to win the Stanley Cup Finals.

As I had discussed with my co-host DJ Mappquest on Sports Madness over on last night, the Sharks do almost nothing wrong. They have a talented team that is loaded with offensive fire power. Their defense play is modest at best,but what has kept them in games is their offense. They have an excellent coach and have one of the best general managers in the game. But something is missing. What are they missing? It is hard to say,but there is something keeping this team from getting over the hump.

Would trading for an all-star caliber player help? Would getting younger help? Would a different goaltender help? What will it take for this team to reach their ultimate potential-and their fan’s expectations?

Fans are probably feeling pretty upset about their team at this point and may even be at the point of giving up and thinking the team is done. I disagree. I think this team has been competitive long enough and the organization is too good for the perennial playoff appearances and talent level to dip anytime soon. It isn’t over for you just yet,Sharks fans. Your time will come.



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