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Fire sales happen, and there’s nothing we can do about it!

The Miami Marlins traded Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson,and Mark Buerhle among others to the Toronto Blue Jays for Yunel Escobar and a group of minor leaguers on Tuesday in an effort to blow up the roster and dump salary.

This is in contrast to the offseason they had last year where they acquired Reyes, Buerhle,and Heath Bell (Diamondbacks) all of whom are now gone to other teams. Combine that with getting rid of Omar Infante and Anibal Sanchez to the Tigers and Hanley Ramirez to the Dodgers and what you have the making is a team full of nobody you know other than maybe Giancarlo Stanton as a result of a fire sale.

Some are calling for commissioner Bud Selig to veto the trade because they feel it isn’t good for baseball and the fans in Miami who by the way don’t show up as it is even in a shiny new stadium. I don’t think the commissioner should interfere with the trade because this kind of thing happens all the time in sports,especially in baseball. Teams always do this.

Look no further than the Oakland Athletics who,time and time again, blow up their roster. It’s something I hate to see them do,I am sure A’s fans hate it,too. In fact, it’s almost expected for them to do it every year out there yet nobody has called for the commissioner to interfere with any moves the A’s make. Why all of a sudden are commentators and others calling for it in Miami?

Also, if the Marlins think they can do better with a roster full of guys you have yet to hear about, then let them try. This team won 69 games with guys you have heard of and things didn’t work. Who knows? This team could be like the A’s of this season and surprise people. The A’s sold off every good pitcher they had in last year’s offseason and went on to win 94 games and the American League West,all when many (myself included) had this team losing 100 games this past year. They were six wins away from winning 100.

Believe me, I’m all for keeping a team together to grow and try and win together as the years go on. But it isn’t up for me or anyone else who doesn’t own a Major League Baseball team to decide. We can pontificate all day and all night about how bad the trade is for one side (and it is), but you never know if this trade just might be what the Marlins needed.

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