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Odds & Ends-Volume 21

I woke up this morning to news I didn’t think I would hear,in fact it was the opposite of what I thought it would be: Mike D’Antoni is named the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, not Phil Jackson. Call me crazy,but I think it is the better decision and I will tell you why.

The Lakers have needed to move on from Jackson. I felt like if they went back to him,sure,they would win again,but he wouldn’t be there the whole time as he would’ve wanted to travel less had he been hired back. He’s 67 years old now and hasn’t been in the best of health and if I’m a player I want my coach to be there full time, but that’s just me.

Is Mike D’Antoni the right guy? Who knows! I think if Kobe Bryant is fond of him, then it just might work. He might get his teammates to buy into D’Antoni’s plan. I don’t think this team is the “superteam” everyone thought it would be,though. Remember when they tried this in 2003-04 with Gary Payton,Karl Malone,Shaquille O’Neal,and Bryant? Remember how badly the Detroit Pistons kicked their asses in the Finals?

If you don’t learn from history,chances are you are doomed to repeat it. Just sayin…

The San Francisco 49ers and St. Louis Rams played 75 minutes of football and nobody won a game. Their match-up on Sunday ended in a 24-24 stalemate in front of a sell-out crowd at Candlestick Park leaving a lot of fans unfulfilled I’m sure. I know that if it was my team I would be pretty mad. Sure, nobody lost,but nobody won,either. That’s the part that would anger me. Not only did nobody win,but the 49ers especially lost ground on the NFC West lead over the Seattle Seahawks.

I heard Vernon Davis on the radio coming home from work saying it was almost like they didn’t even play a game.

I had a few people ask me on Facebook what I thought of tie games,and I don’t like seeing a game end that way. I think if you’ve played a 75 minute football game a proper outcome (meaning a winner and a loser) should happen. I don’t think the NFL should have tie games anymore,but since ties are so infrequent in the league these days, there’s not enough of a reason to change the rule.

Oh,and someone should inform Dashon Goldson and Danny Amendola that games do end in ties in the NFL once in a while.

I don’t talk a lot about NASCAR, in fact,I don’t think I have on this blog in the two years I have been doing it,but now I will.
Sunday in Phoenix a brawl broke out between the crews of Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer in the garage after a wreck occurred between them on the next to last lap of the race. The wreck was believed to have been instagated by Gordon in retaliation to a wreck that was started earlier in the year by Bowyer.

Bowyer sprinted up to Gordon’s hauler to try and get a piece of him but was restrained. NASCAR is expected to hand out a penalty Tuesday.

While I don’t watch much of the sport (turning left for a three hour race isn’t appealing to me), I do think you have to suspend them at least a race. Sure,boys will be boys, but in sports when someone does something to you and you retaliate in a poor manner, you get in trouble. Period. Bowyer and Gordon should sit out a race each and their pit crews should be fined and suspended as well.

Don’t get me wrong, that brawl was intense and even entertaining,but there was no need for that. Be upset,but don’t go fight a guy!

ESPN is slowly but surely losing its journalistic integrity (or what was left of it to begin with) and it has nothing to do with any one of their reporters on staff currently. It has everything to do with the network having rapper Lil Wayne interview 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss. The interview was actually half-good, Moss was very articulate and had great answers to the questions Lil Wayne was mumbling to him. I couldn’t understand what Lil Wayne was saying. I just think the premise of having rappers interview players is ridiculous. 

What’s next,is Vanilla Ice going to interview Eric Decker? Are the living members of the Fat Boys going to grill Vince Wilfork? C’Mon Man!

Make no mistake about it, the most underrated candy bar in this country is Whatchamacallit. How this candy bar isn’t sold everywhere or even advertised on television is beyond me.  How does a candy bar that has been around since 1978 not get enough love?

Maybe I’m just overreacting that it’s not gotten enough love and maybe I’ve been on a Whatchamacallit fix lately,but this is one damn good candy bar and if I ever get around to doing a Best Candy Bars list one day, this one will no doubt be on it. It isn’t as good as Snickers bars or even Twix,but it is up there with them in the Top 10 somewhere.

And yes, I am aware of Thingamajig, but I have not tried it yet because they have yet to make their way to my neck of the woods, if you see one, tell me or even send it to me and I will be forever thankful.

By the way, you can catch me and my friend DJ Mappquest on Sports Madness, this Tuesday from 6-7pm Pacific Time on, Sacramento State Student Radio.

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