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Do the Yankees need a younger future?

Let me take a minute to thank the New York Yankees for participating in the 2012 American League Championship Series. Or did they?

This team absolutely did not hit well in the series against the Detroit Tigers. Not to say the Tigers didn’t pitch well,because they did as I expected them to, but the Yankees were not productive at the plate whatsoever. Robinson Cano went .053 in the series, Alex Rodgriuez went .111, Mark Teixiera was .200, the team as a whole hit .157. I don’t know about you,but you won’t win many playoff series hitting .157, just sayin…

So where do the Yankees go from here? Are they due for a makeover? It may not be so easy.

Their top three guys who make the most money are under contract for a few more years, Rodriguez through 2017 when he is 42, C.C. Sabathia through 2015 when he is 35 and Teixiera through 2016 when he is 36. Not to mention Derek Jeter,38, is still under contract until next season but has an option for 2014. And at his age will he still be wanted by the only team he wants to play for when his contract is up?

Also, it is possible Rodriguez gets traded? It might be only if two things happen: The Yankees eat a lot of the money on that contract and if he waives his no-trade clause, something he might not do.

Another question I have is this, why doesn’t this team just build its farm system up and have players come through it rather than blow a ton of money on free agents who don’t exactly have a lot of their prime left? It’s worked for a lot of other teams, two in particular that play in the Bay Area.

If the Yankees did more of this like they did in the mid-90s, they might be better off, but instead they decide to forgo doing that and instead keep overspending on their team. You can only do that for so long and it’s starting to bite the Yankees where they don’t want it to. I mean,they barely held off a feisty Orioles team to win the division and also the ALDS, a series that if not for 40-year-old Raul Ibanez the Orioles would have won.

If the Yankees want to continue playing October baseball, they need to make a lot of decisions on some of the members of their aging,overpaid roster. At some point,the future has to be now.

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