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The Best NBA Uniforms of All Time

We’ve done the NFL list and the MLB list,now here’s our NBA list of the 10 best uniforms the hoops world has ever had. ABA uniforms also count in this list. 

10. Los Angeles Lakers (1980s-1999)
The set of uniforms the Lakers had before they moved into the Staples Center start this list out our list. I liked the purple numbers on the home set with the shadows behind them. I hated when they changed the uniforms in 1999. The numbers changed to white and the shadows were gone from the numbers. When those left, part of the charm of the Lakers uniforms left as well.

9. San Antonio Spurs (1973-1980s)
This mainly applies to the road uniforms the Spurs had during their ABA days and into the ’80s. I like that they had all black letters and numbers on them. It made them unique and was probably never seen before at the time. Don’t get me wrong, I like the uniforms they have now, but their ABA aways were A-OK.

8. Phoenix Suns (1992-2000)
Having grown up in the ’90s, I saw these uniforms a lot of television and feeling a little nostalgic for them now, I have to say I like them a lot. The big sun on the front with the Suns font that looks the same upside down as it does right side up and the numeral below the sun. I think they would still look great if you brought them back today. I’m not saying the Suns should but if they did, I’m not opposed.

7. Philadelphia 76ers (1994-97)
These uniforms were short lived due to the 76ers changing their overall color scheme in 1997 but I liked them. Allen Iverson wore this his rookie year and even though the 76ers were bad during the time they wore these, they looked good doing it. I’m beginning to think that the 12 years they wore black, gold,and red may have been a mistake.

6. Seattle SuperSonics (1975-1995)
I miss the SuperSonics. Say what you will,Thunder fans, but the NBA is not the same without the Seattle SuperSonics. They had a great look back in the late ’70s throughout to the ’90s. The Sonics arch with the same arch on the back with the name inside was fantastic. It reminded me of the days of Gary Payton,Shawn Kemp,and Detlef Schrempf winning 60 games a season. When they changed to the dark green uniforms with red in 1995, they were popular for a minute and then the team realized that green and yellow were their real colors and went back to a variation of these in 2001.

5. New York/ New Jersey Nets (1970s-1982, 1984-90)
The Nets’ ABA uniforms with the stars on the left side of the jersey were a classic look. It was a part of three ABA championships and came with them to the NBA in 1976 and stayed with them once they moved to New Jersey. It was ditched for a couple seasons in the early 1980s but they went back to it in 1984 until they changed their logo in 1990. Too bad the Brooklyn Nets will never look this good.

4. Atlanta Hawks (1982-92)
The Dominique Wilkins-era Hawks’ uniforms of the 1980s and 90s were cooooooool. I like how the team name and number were slanted and the red and yellow colors blended well together on each set (home and away). I liked the Hawks’ Pac Man logo on the shorts,too. It was a perfect uniform for the team.

3. San Francisco Warriors (1960s-1971)
Yes,yes,yes!!! This uniform is pretty damn cool! Using “The City” instead of the team name is pretty clever. I like the use of the Golden Gate Bridge in the circle on the front with a number inside as well. What’s even cooler is the cable car with a number on it. THAT’S cool. But with the Warriors’ move to Oakland in 1971, the uniforms had to go since they were no longer the San Francisco Warriors.

2. Chicago Bulls (1985-Present)
The Bulls’ current set of uniforms is awesome. The reason why is because of the simplicity of them. Guys like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen made them timeless and something that future Bulls want to wear. Whether its the white home set, the red road set, or the black alternate road set are awesome. I even like the Bulls logo in diamonds on the shorts,too. A great,great uniform for a great franchise.

1. Boston Celtics (1969-Present)
Often times the best uniforms are the ones that haven’t been touched and those belong to the C’s. Sure they’ve had a few alternate sets to accompany their usual home and away sets, but overall the Celtics have had a simple look with their green and white uniforms and it’s still working for them today. Though I had heard pleas for the team to change their look up in the ’90s, I’m glad they didn’t because it would have been a mistake.

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