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Tale of the Tape-Minor Leagues vs. Major Leagues

Not everyone is in major league territory, some of us in America have to get our live sports fix somehow and that’s where the minor leagues come in. But some of us like the major leagues where the stars are readily available. But is the price worth the ticket? Are major leagues better or is it fun watching unknowns play their way up? We’re here to settle it in the Tale of the Tape!

Minor Leagues-In a gravel pit for next to nothing
Major Leagues-In a gravel pit for $20 at the very most
Advantage-Minor Leagues

Seating Capacity

Minor Leagues-Anywhere from 5-15 thousand

Major Leagues-Anywhere from 30-50 thousand
Advantage-Major Leagues

You might catch…
Minor Leagues- A rehab stint from Prince Fielder
Major Leagues- A home run ball hit by Prince Fielder

Worth the price of admission

Minor Leagues-$1 Wednesdays featuring free ice cream

Major Leagues-Getting a fist bump from Lou Seal

Comedy Central

Minor Leagues-Showing Major League: Back to the Minors

Major Leagues-Seeing a celebrity flub the ceremonial first pitch
Advantage-Major Leagues 

Giving it Away

Minor Leagues-Replica jersey with various sponsors on the back

Major Leagues-Bobblehead of (Insert player name here) that will be on eBay before first pitch even happens
Advantage-Major Leagues

Remember when?

Minor Leagues- Buster Posey was here in town? We got to see him before everyone else knew who he was!

Major Leagues- Buster Posey won Rookie of the Year?
Advantage-Major Leagues (A great rookie campaign is hard to match!)

Hustling to First Base
Minor Leagues-We’ve got it!
Major Leagues-What’s the point?
Advantage-Minor Leagues

Off the field distractions
Minor Leagues- Crazy fans dancing between innings to “Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones

Major Leagues-Getting suspended for taking female growth hormones
Advantage-Minor Leagues

Leaving the Game

Minor Leagues- Why the hell is the Tower Bridge closed? That was my way to get home, now what?

Major Leagues-Does it really take two hours to get to the freeway from here? Come on,move!

So, in a close vote, the advantage goes to the Major Leagues, but cheer up,Minor Leagues, at least you get them first before they graduate to the next level. This has been another edition of Tale of the Tape, see you next time!

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