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Could the Oakland sports scene be a thing of the past?

Earlier today, the Golden State Warriors have announced plans to move to San Francisco. While the move has been rumored for a while, it comes as no surprise. The team is apparently close to a deal to move into an arena between Piers 30 and 32 by the 2017-18 NBA season with a price tag of close to $1 billion. The Warriors called San Francisco home from 1962-71 after moving from Philadelphia before moving across the bay to Oakland.

Meanwhile the A’s are continually getting their hopes up to build a new stadium in San Jose with the Giants’ territorial rights standing in the way. MLB commissioner Bud Selig stated last week that the team may have to consider other options if they want to build a new ballpark anytime soon. Also the Raiders are always up for a move to another town. They’ve done it twice and you never know if they will do it again. Los Angeles is hoping to start construction on Farmers Field as early as 2013 and if you had to choose between a brand new stadium and a decrepid Oakland Coliseum (or whatever the hell it’s called now), what would you choose?

Oakland appears to be losing it’s image as a sports town right before out eyes. While sellout crowds and fan support for the Warriors has not waned,support for the A’s has been at a minimum, at least as far as fans attending the games is concerned. As for the Raiders, they have fans everywhere you look, but sellout crowds up until last season were hard to come by. Will more fans attend Raider games in 2012? That remains to be seen and I think much of that rests on the success of the team this coming season.

Oakland may lose its other two teams to other cities on the heels of the announced Warriors move. This may serve as a wake-up call to the city to work with it’s other clubs to try and get stadium deals done for each of them because if they don’t, other cities will come calling much like San Francisco has.

It’s too early to tell at the moment what will happen to Oakland’s sports teams,but it’s just possible we may see the San Francisco Warriors, the Sacramento A’s, and the Los Angeles Raiders. Just sayin…

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