Tale of the Tape-1982 vs. 2012

In February I turned 30 years old and I will be honest, I’m loving my 30s so far. They haven’t been here for long,but so far,so good. However, today is a lot different than it was in 1982. I wonder,though, is life really better now than it was then? We examine this in today’s Tale of the Tape!

What’s on TV

1982- A new episode of Three’s Company

2012- A new episode of whatever the hell is on FOX between The Simpsons and Family Guy (this is what should be airing at that time)


The Sports Geek’s Hairstyle

1982-Basically bald

2012-A shaved bald head going strong a decade later

Advantage-Push, and no I haven’t always been bald!

Super Bowl Champion

1982-Joe Montana

2012-Eli Manning


TV Theme Songs


2012-Two and a Half Men

Advantage-1982. Cheers has the greatest TV theme song ever and I will fight anyone who says otherwise


1982-TVs without knobs



The price of gas

1982- $1.30 a gallon

2012-$4.05 a gallon

Advantage-Push. I’m not one to complain about gas prices because it could be a lot worse right now,especially here in California!


1982- Were at home and home only

2012-Portable and always with you wherever you go


Video Games

1982- The Atari 2600 with video games that had simple graphics and sounds like Eee-Urr-Eee-Urr

2012-XBox and PlayStation 3 with life like graphics and realistic sounds


Motor Trend Car of the Year

1982-Chevrolet Camaro Z28

2012-Volkswagen Passat

Advantage-Push, I really like both cars!

Popular Movies

1982-E.T., Rocky III, Star Trek II and Fast Times at Ridgemont High

2012-Hunger Games, The Dark Knight Rises, 21 Jump Street and Breaking Dawn 2

Advantage-1982 . That was a great year for movies!

So in the end, the advantage goes to 1982. Cheer up 2012, there’s no better time like the present. That’s another edition of Tale of the Tape, until next time!


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