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A classic computer game is coming back,and this guy is ecstatic!

I would say that the most exciting thing for me this week (other than getting my new glasses!) was getting the news on Wednesday that one of my favorite childhood computer games, Sim City, was making a 2013 return.

Believe it or not, a couple weeks ago, I was clammoring to play Sim City once again while being bored out of my mind at home while on vacation. I tried finding one at GameStop and the nearest copy I could find was in Puerto Rico. I found out that my brother has a copy of Sim City 4 but I would need a dinosaur of a computer to run it. Alas my quest to play it ended in disappoinment until Wednesday.

My introduction to Sim City came in 1996. I was riding my bike through Citrus Heights with a middle school friend of mine and we stopped in to The Good Guys electronic store and this game was playing on a demo on a computer for sale. It…was…awesome! It was unlike any game I had played before. Building a city and seeing it grow for some reason appealed to me. Once we finally got a PC at our home a year later the computer we had came with the game so myself,my brother,and various friends of ours would indulge in playing the game for hours on end. Building cities, watching them grow, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much, and even seeing how a disaster hitting my city would end up faring for it. Say what you will,for me,that was just fun.

In the tech center at our high school we had a game on the computers there called Sim Farm and me and my friends would play that. That game was a precursor to the game Farmville. When that game came out, I said to myself “That’s Sim Farm, it’s been done,yo!”.

We also played The Sims, but to me, it wasn’t as fun as Sim City. Growing a family wasn’t as fun as growing a city.

I’m just so excited for this game to be returning after a 10 year absence. I will definitely be purchasing a copy, and although I may not have to camp out overnight for a game like this, if the situation calls for it, I just might have to. It will be great reliving my teenage years a little bit in my early 30s. This game is going to be so cool and better than ever before. It’s almost like someone was viewing my disappointment of not being able to play a couple weeks ago and said “Here’s what needs to come back…now!” and so it shall happen in 2013. It’s just…beautiful,man!

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