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T.J. the Sports Geek’s 2012 NCAA Bracket

I don’t have much analysis to offer for this because I really get into college basketball right about now. Plus this year I decided to flip a coin to pick winners. It’s not much different to how the committee picks teams to get into the tournament. Enjoy!

Let the dance begin!

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  1. did you flip a coin for all games? because i only see 6 of the 32 winners in the first round (the new “second -round”) being lower seeds. It’d be crazy to think that you got a 26 / 6 split in a coin flip of 50 / 50 probability

    • Absolutely! The higher seeds were heads and lower seeds were tails. Heads really did come up quite a bit early on.

      • Absolutely! I am surprised with the result of Indiana ending up as champion. It probably won’t happen,but crazier things have happened in tournaments past which makes it so great to watch year after year!

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