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KNBR quickly becoming “The Sports Loser”

I’m a guy who is of the belief that if something isn’t broken, it shouldn’t be fixed. Up until about August 1 of this year, KNBR 680 in San Francisco (and 1050 with Damon Bruce being there) was fine the way it was in my view. Then the move was made to add Damon Bruce to co-host with Gary Radnich from 9 a.m.-Noon and to eliminate the best part of not only that show, but maybe KNBR altogether (aside from Giants baseball games,of course), Tony Bruno, who had a half hour segment with Radnich at 11 a.m. every day.
It wasn’t the addition of Bruce that caught my ire, but the subtraction of Bruno. I would have been fine with the move of Radnich getting a co-host so long as they didn’t get rid of Bruno. I will say that it was hard to listen to Bruce and Radnich fight for mike time on that show. I like both hosts and their styles, but they work better on their own.
Recently, Bruce was sent back to the dungeon that is KNBR 1050 and former Sportsphone 680 host Larry Krueger was brought in to co-host with Radnich. I will admit, Krueger fits in okay with Radnich, but I still liked Radnich alone with his producers and traffic update person to bounce off of, and most of all, I liked Radnich and Bruno together during that half hour.
Fast forward to Thursday night, I am alerted on Facebook that Tony Bruno was going to be on with Gary Radnich once again at 11:10 a.m on Friday. I was very happy that Bruno was going to come back even if it was just once. However, I was a little skeptical that it wouldn’t happen for some reason. Nevertheless, I was pretty stoked.
So Friday comes and I turn to the now Gary and Larry Show to learn that my reasons to be skeptical were warranted. I got to hear Radnich announce that a special guest was coming on when someone tells him in his ear that it was not to happen and that Ned Colletti, the general manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, a team that very few people in this part of the state give a shit about, was to appear at that time. Radnich was upset because he had talked to Bruno for over 40 minutes Thursday night to try and rekindle a 16 year relationship that had obviously soured from KNBR’s decision to change things. Radnich was trying to bring him on for Friday to appease the fanbase, which if I had to guess has dwindled fast and possibly found another show to listen to (either on KGMZ 95.7 in the Bay Area or elsewhere).
My guess is that Radnich wanted to have Bruno to promote that his nationally syndicated nighttime program, “Into the Night with Tony Bruno”, was ending on Friday and that Bruno was moving back to his native Philadelphia to work in the afternoons on WPEN-FM, which started on Tuesday. It also could’ve been to have him on for old time’s sake, or both.
I think KNBR didn’t want to have Bruno on for their own reasons. I have a feeling that they don’t like him because he is a Philadelphia guy and the brass there want hosts who are all Giants all the time. I love the Giants, but I like hearing about other teams in other sports,too. I think the management at KNBR is screwing up big time and is alienating its fans by fixing what wasn’t broken in the first place. I think they felt threatened by a new FM sports station potentially taking away part of its audience that felt like shake-ups were necessary. This station was fine the way it was and it’s now ruined. Not only for me, but so many others,too. Just look no further than the comments left on KNBR’s Facebook page, the Gary Radnich/Tony Bruno Facebook page,and other related pages on Facebook. I don’t even know what Twitter is like,I am not on it.
Another beef I have with this station is that Sportsphone 680 host Eric Byrnes is never there. He is on like 40-percent of the time and the rest of the time he is in New Jersey for MLB Network. I like Byrnes on his show and I get that he also works for a national cable network, but why would you hire a guy if he has another gig already? it makes no sense.
What I do know is that my quiet hope of KNBR going back to what it was over a month ago, or Radnich going back to the way his show was (with Bruno), or anything of the like is simply that; a quiet hope. It’s probably not going to happen. I was hoping so Thursday night, but not now. I guess I can listen to Jim Rome and the same five people who call his show each day try to be funny with their annoying phone calls. Nah, I’ll probably just listen to Spanish music instead, there we go!

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