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Reviewing the Winnipeg Jets’ new uniforms

Just a few months into their return home, the Winnipeg Jets unveiled their new logo in July and on Tuesday came the new uniforms for the team.
At a Winnipeg Royal Canadian air force base, Jets players stood in front of an actual jet to reveal their new uniforms to all of Manitoba and the rest of the hockey world. The home jersey is navy blue with white sleeve stripes and royal blue accents while the away jersey is white with a solid navy blue shoulder stripe and royal blue sleeve stripes with silver accents. The front of the jersey is adorned with the Jets’ primary logo and the shoulders have the alternate logo on each side.
Personally for me, I think they look good. I really wish they would have used a little bit of red on the uniform since they do have a red maple leaf in their logo, but I guess there are a lot of teams in Canada using red in their uniforms and/or logos as it is. Maybe that’s the reason why they didn’t go with any red. Also, the team did just relocate to Winnipeg from Atlanta and they were more than likely very much in a rush to put the best possible uniform together.
I am not sure how long these will last, these may be something they wear until they find a better look for their team. They also could wear these for years to come. I think the true test will be how they look on the ice. A lot of Jets fans may not like the look because they’re more familiar with the way they used to look before the original franchise moved to Phoenix in 1996, but they will buy these regardless because they’re happy that the Jets are back.
Jets management says these jerseys will be available for fans to purchase in October. I give these a Thumbs Up!

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