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Reviewing the new Maryland Terrapins football uniforms

I’m not the biggest college football junkie, but as far as the uniforms of college football go, I like the traditional uniforms such as Penn State, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas and Alabama. I shun uniforms like Oregon’s because of how much they burn my retinas with that awful highliter yellow and because they wear different ones every week.
I didn’t think college football uniforms could get any worse than Oregon’s until ESPN’s SportsNation made me aware of the University of Maryland’s new uniforms on Tuesday.
These are god awful, I don’t like the helmets, the jerseys, or even the pants. Even the two different colors on the numbers make me want to puke. These are 100-percent terrible. I don’t even understand why they decided to Oregon-ize their uniforms. In the past, they’ve actually had some really nice ones. The only thing that’s acceptable from them is their colors only because they are on the state’s flag , and maybe the turtle themed helmet (only because that is my favorite animal and the animal I am quite like). If this is the future of football uniforms (college or pro), I want no part of it and I am sure you don’t,either.
This team is going to get laughed off the field, not because of their performance, but because of how horrible their uniforms look. If you ask me, uniforms should be simple,not busy, and this one is too busy. It gets a big time Thumbs Down!

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  1. I’m just not ready for football uniforms to be this busy. I guess I just like the uniforms like Penn State and Michigan way too much. I also fear that this kind of uniform will creep into the NFL and I have a feeling fans won’t go for it. I for one would love to see more uniforms going old school.

  2. Whoa!! They look like a NASCAR pit crew in drag. I thought they might be clowns, except the funny colored shoes weren’t big and floppy. Maybe they were still in costume from a school play in which they were knights of the square table. Every list of the worst school uniforms year after year has Oregon on top, but Maryland leaps way, way over to claim the new numero uno in badness. If I were the NCAA, I’d investigate the Terps, because I can’t believe anybody would put that crap on his body if he wasn’t being paid. Oregon will have to go some to reclaim their spot, but Phil Knight will probably do it.

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