Surprise! The Pirates are back from the dead (for now)

So before the season started I predicted the Pittsburgh Pirates would go 62-100. This goes to show you that I am a horrible prognosticator. Although they need to go 13-56 for that to happen, they most likely won’t, and to be honest, I am happy for the fans of Pittsburgh.
The Pirates have long been a downtrodden franchise in baseball and fans have stayed away with all the losing seasons the team has put together. Their last playoff season was in 1992 when a man named Barry Lamar Bonds was the star. Since then, the team has failed to get over 79 wins in a season and the players who came up through their minor league system have been traded away. Free agents have also stayed away in favor of greener pastures and PNC Park has been mainly empty despite it’s beauty.
Well it looks like it’s starting to turn around for the Pirates and fans have taken notice. With a record of 49-44 so far this season, the Pirates are just a half a game back in their division and actually have some guys that can play. Guys like Andrew McCutchen and Garrett Jones are hitting well for this team. Pitchers like Kevin Correia,Paul Maholm,and Joel Hanrahan are helping to carry them into their first possible postseason berth since 1992. It’s actually refreshing to see something good happen in this city and to give these fans a reason to watch this team for a change,and they are. PNC Park is selling out more and more. You know, For so long I’ve even wondered if the schnide they’ve been on would ever end, it seemed for years it wouldn’t.
It looks as though it might happen this year but the season has some ways to go. Even if they don’t finish where they hope to, something good is definitely brewing in the Steel City, I only hope team management and ownership keeps this team in tact and that the winning ways of the Pirates continue, their fans deserve it and have responded to their success.

2 thoughts on “Surprise! The Pirates are back from the dead (for now)

  1. You know it is funny, the Pirates used to be the franchise that I would always bring up when I talked about what is wrong with baseball. What if this isn’t a fluke and they make a playoff run?

    1. It would be a big surprise and that’s what makes me gunshy about thinking they could do something. There’s something inside me that says this team could revert to what they were before, but as of now,this is great for the city of Pittsburgh and Pirates fans. These fans deserve to have a decent team for a change.

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