Sharks advance with more left to prove

Well what do you know, the Sharks did have some bite left in them.
No question that Sharks fans are breathing a sigh of relief that Team Teal was able to hold off the Detroit Red Wings in a decisive Game 7 by a score of 3-2 on Thursday night. However, the road to the Stanley Cup is nowhere near close to ending. This team does have more to do and more to prove.
Now the Sharks have another tough test in front of them,the Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks have had a pretty good postseason,though they did get taken to seven games with Chicago and had a competitive series with Nashville. I think these teams are pretty evenly matched, though I do think Roberto Luongo is a far better goaltender than Antti Niemi.
The Sharks also have yet to shake the label of choker. Yes, they did hold off a dominant Detroit team, but the only way they will ever shake the culture of being the team that year and year out doesn’t close the deal is to do just that-close the deal. Get to the Stanley Cup Finals, and not just get there, win the entire thing. The Sharks have had the talented players to win the Stanley Cup for several years now and it has yet to happen. Last year, the Blackhawks swept them. In 2009, when they maybe had the best regular season squad in NHL history, they were beaten by the eighth seed, the Anaheim Ducks. And the list goes on and on as to how the Sharks squandered their Cup chances.
Now more than ever San Jose needs to get a Cup win. Their ever loyal fans deserve to have the Cup reside in San Jose, it’s been a long time coming for a franchise known for not closing the deal. Even I as an Edmonton OIlers fan (whose team sucks out loud,I might add) would enjoy seeing them win one. I hope the Sharks can move on from the scare series with Detroit and I know it will be a competitive series with Vancouver, but let’s hope it doesn’t turn out the same way the last series did.

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