The Greatest Game Shows of All Time

I promise next time I will write about sports. Today I wanted to have a little fun,and game shows are fun to watch, we all watched them when we were younger and some of us still watch them. Here now is my list of the 10 best.

10.Remote Control (1987-90)

This was MTV’s first real non-music show and I actually didn’t mind because as a seven-year-old it was entertaining because I liked TV and shows about TV. It also launched the careers of Adam Sandler and Colin Quinn and the gorgeous Kari Wuhrer was there,too. Why isn’t this on in reruns? Come on,at least put it on MTV2. That would be great!

9.Scrabble (1984-90,1993)

I really liked this show as a kid because it is my favorite board game and Chuck Woolery hosted. I liked that a board game became a game show and was one for six years in the 1980s. It also had a lot of crazy sound effects that I haven’t heard on any other show. I also liked how Woolery would count out the money they’d won, that was pretty cool. I wish GSN would show this in reruns or even bring it back. Yes,I would like to host it.

8.The Pyramid (1973-88)

Whatever the dollar amount ($25,000, $100,000), the Pyramid was the best word association game show in my opinion. And the key to winning that show was not missing a single word, if you did, you lost. The best part of that show was the winner’s circle and if they didn’t win, Dick Clark would repeat the same clues the celebrity did and then they would get it. It was a pretty good show.


7.Press Your Luck (1983-1986)

“Today these three players are after high stakes, but they’ll have to aviod the Whammy as they play the most exciting game of their lives! From Television City in Hollywood,it’s time to Press Your Luck!”

I loved this game show as a kid in the 1980s. It was the quintessential game show for that decade. The whammies, the big prize board, the big bucks, and even the guy who outmanuevered the big board and made off with over $100,000 in prizes. Sadly, once he did that, the pace of the game changed and the show was never the same, but for three sweet years this show was great. I loved it.


6.Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (1999-Present)

Who didn’t watch Millionaire back in the day? I loved that show and sometimes I will catch the watered down syndicated version, but the version with Regis Philbin is what we came to see. The drama, the questions, the lifelines, it was the first time I saw game shows be this intense, that’s mainly why the show made the list. I always wanted to be someone’s lifeline for this show and if anyone does go on there and has trouble with a sports question, I am so there for you.

5.Hollywood Squares (1966-81,1986-89,1998-2004)

Hollywood Squares was one of my favorites as a kid and still is because it has Tic-Tac-Toe in the game,but it makes you laugh,too. The comedic answers the stars give were always the fun part of that show. I hated that not a lot of big time stars appeared on it in the later years like the first version on NBC had. It watered the show down immensely. I’ve seen the old Paul Lynde-ers shows and they were hilarious. They need to bring this show back,I will be glad to host it.

4.Family Feud (1976-85, 1988-94,1999-Present)

“On your marks, let’s start the Family Feud!”

Based on the Super Match game from the hit CBS game show Match Game, Family Feud became a huge hit for ABC in 1976 and even though it has come and gone a few times, the show is still popular. Two families of five trying to guess the top five answers on the board. One thing I have loved about the show are the funny moments it has brought us.

3.The Price is Right (1972-Present)

“Here it comes from the Bob Barker studio at CBS in Hollywood, television’s most exciting hour of fantastic prizes, the fabulous 60 minute Price is Right!”

Who doesn’t love The Price is Right? It has been a staple of Americana for almost 40 years. With its popular pricing games like Cliffhanger and Punch a Bunch to everyone’s favorite,Plinko, The Price is Right has something for everyone. Where else can you hope to win a NEW CAR? Who hasn’t dreamed of making it to contestant’s row and going all the way to the Showcase? Who hasn’t watched this show on a sick day from school? Even though Bob Barker has retired, the show has sustained its popularity and I think it will for a very long time.

2.Wheel of Fortune (1975-Present)

Wheel of Fortune is currently the highest rated syndicated series on television. Since it’s 1975 debut on NBC the show has been a hit with audiences of all ages. Plus,unlike the show that’s on before it, Jeopardy!, it’s a game anyone can play. The only thing that bugs me is that Vanna White doesn’t turn the letters anymore, she just touches them. It still bugs me to this day. Despite that,it is still a great game show and I have even had a friend of mine on that show. She won $3000.


1.Jeopardy! (1984-present)

“Now entering the studio are today’s contestants!”

This is the ultimate thinking person’s game show. Answers are questions, questions are answers and the show’s format has been a winning one for over 25 years. Yes, we know, the show was on in the 1960s, but it’s the Trebek version that most of us know and love with Alex Trebek as the quizmaster. You know how you know this is a great game show? Because everybody who goes on there is smarter than you’ll ever be. I like that it’s a hard game, I like watching because I can learn something from the show. That’s why to me,it is the best ever. Plus, how can you not love the think music?

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