Ask T.J. Anything- Feb. 18,2011

OK, we got a new machine and we’ve got your questions, here’s the answers…

What did you think of the Super Bowl Halftime show?

It was not very good. I like the idea of the NFL getting a younger act like The Black Eyes Peas,but it lacked energy and Fergie sounded awful live. They should get someone who is a younger act, but can actually sing. I’m sure they can do this.

Would you quit eating all junk food to live five years longer?

Not all junk food. I gotta have some of my favorites. As of this time,though, I have to lose a few pounds in order to be at a healthy weight again.

If you could move to any foreign country, where would you move to?

I would move to Canada, it’s kinda like America, but just enough of a foreign country to be one. Plus my grandmother was from there and I would love to see the country she grew up in someday.

The Giants have remained quiet during this off season. Do you think they will add some offense later in the season? What’s your opinion?

If they get off to a rocky start again like they did last year, then yes, I think they will at least try to address those needs however possible whether it be trading for a bat or bringing up someone like a Brandon Belt in the middle of the season or signing someone from off their couch. Though I think this team has enough power in them to win the NL West again, no question!

If you could be skinny and miserable or fat and happy, which would you be?

Well I am already getting to be fat and happy,so I guess I would choose that. Everyone can be happy no matter what shape they are,though.

What’s the first thing that you usually notice about someone you meet?

It could be anything really, something they are wearing, their eyes or their eye color, their personality. It depends on the situation, but it’s gotta be something I can easily recognize because I know so many people already, and it overall just helps.

Big Macs or Whoppers?

I’ve never been too big a fan of either one, but if I had to pick, I’d go with the Whopper without lettuce and add cheese. I don’t like the shredded lettuce McDonald’s uses,either.

What’s the oldest piece of clothing you still own and wear?

I still have a Giants jersey that’s black and has black letters on it that I got in 2001 and even though a button is missing, I still wear it today and am glad it still fits after all this time.

If you could eat at any restaurant in the world tonight, which one would you choose?

How about the Old Spaghetti Factory? That sounds good!

Would you rather own a luxury yacht or a private jet?

Neither one, get me an RV! I would want a big motor home so I can see America and in a yacht or a jet,it’s impossible!

If you have an appropriate question for me, send it here to the Formspring , and we will see you next time!

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