Is Anaheim the best move for the Kings?

Yesterday it was my brother who delivered the above breaking news to me via Facebook that the Sacramento Kings have been and are exploring the possibility of being the third banana NBA franchise in the Los Angeles area. If the move is approved by the NBA’s Board of Governors , the Kings would presumably be playing at the Honda Center in Anaheim next season barring a lockout. The Honda Center is the current home of the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks and opened in 1993 under its original name, The Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim.

Now it comes as little surprise to many Kings fans that there have been talks of relocation, but what’s a surprise to myself is that the Maloofs are willing to ditch what was, until a few seasons ago, a very loyal fan base for an area that bleeds purple and gold (the Lakers) and has a second franchise that is considered the premier NBA wasteland in the Clippers that draws well due to a certain rookie who jumps over cars in dunk contests.

What kind of fan base do the Maloofs think they’re going to have? I’m very convinced that the Anaheim Kings, or whatever name they decide to go with, would have some trouble having a loyal fan base. They may have a lot of good crowds come out simply because of Disneyland being there as well as the Angels and Ducks, but are those fans going to go against being Lakers and Clippers fans for this team? I don’t know.

I’m not advocating a Kings relocation in any way,shape,or form. I hate relocation period and I wish it wouldn’t happen ever, but if they did move, how about going to a place that’s either starving  for a pro basketball team like Kansas City, Louisville, or Austin,Texas, or a place like Seattle that for many years had supported the SuperSonics year in and year out and had their hearts stomped on while they skipped onto Oklahoma City? Other than LeBron James, who wants to be a third banana?

The escalation of the relocation talks has just been another chapter in the downward spiral that has gone on since their 2006 exit from the postseason and the firing of Rick Adelman. Then came the No vote on Q & R in November 2006. Then came the losing and the declining attendance. Then came the 2007 All-Star Game in Las Vegas brought to them and NOT Sacramento as if the Sacramento fans didn’t matter. Then the land swap deal idea which fizzled out. Then came the name change to Arco Arena. And now here we are awaiting to hear if the Maloofs file relocation papers by next Tuesday.

Will this move be approved? I don’t know,I think might narrowly pass at this point, but I have a feeling that a lot of owners will think that three teams in the Los Angeles area are too many. Sometimes I think two teams are too many. But what will happen if it gets voted down? That’s what I’m curious to see!

So who’s coming with me to Warriorworld? I think if Kings fans need a team to latch on to, why not go with a team that’s on the rise? Just a thought!

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