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Is it too late to retract a prediction?

OK, maybe I’m not so right about this after all. Before the decade started, I made a prediction, albeit a little bold and unwarranted that the Sacramento Kings would not be moving out of town and would be moving into a brand new arena somewhere downtown off of Interstate 5. I am here to concede that my prediction is inevitably becoming a falsehood.

The Kings are currently 9-32 midway through the season and are more than likely to lose 60 games for the second time in three years. They’ll be back into the draft lottery much to the disappointment of fans who were hoping that the maturation of players like Tyreke Evans and Omri Casspi along with rookie DeMarcus Cousins would help get the Kings over the 30-win mark this season in the hopes that progress was coming. So far, it hasn’t and it looks bleak the rest of the way.

With injuries to Evans and Cousins being a hot and cold player with maturity issues, the team looks to be going in a downward spiral, and that’s not all. The constant rumors of the Kings leaving town have continued as the season has progressed. Rumored future destinations include Anaheim, Las Vegas, Seattle, Kansas City, San Jose, and Louisville.

Also making news is the talks of getting a new arena coming to a complete halt for the time being. Even the name of the arena that the Kings have played in since their 1985 arrival is disappearing in favor a new name for a company that sells health bracelets that may or may not work depending on who you talk to. The new name, Power Balance Pavilion, will be official on Mar. 1.

The talk of the team leaving, the dormant product on the court, and the hope of a new arena fizzling, is not only keeping fans away, but also angering them to the point of not even caring if they stay or go anymore. I don’t know if their not caring if the team leaves or not is genuine, but the mood I’ve gotten from fans is that many are just counting the days when the Maloofs file relocation papers to whatever town will be gullible enough to vote to raise taxes to generate revenue for an arena that billionaires would own. I repeat…billionaires.

I understand that people are frustrated, so am I! Who wants to go watch a team who’s won nine games (out of 41) lose by double digits? Not me, not when I spoiled with players like Chris Webber, Peja Stojakovic, Vlade Divac, and Mike Bibby, just to name a few. Sure, they fell short of winning an NBA title (even though the ’02 Western Conference Finals were fixed), but they brought energy and fervor to ARCO Arena, not to mention some long awaited success to a franchise that hasn’t had much success to celebrate during it’s long existence dating back to their days in Rochester, NY.

Fans like me wish to see their team do well, why wouldn’t you? Whether you’re a Kings fan or a Celtics fan, winning is everything. Whether it’s done in ARCO Arena or a new place in Sacramento. Sadly, I don’t see the team staying long enough for success to reign again in the Capital City. The prediction of them staying was probably far fetched to really be true. Will they leave? Probably. When will they do so? I don’t know. All I know is that Power Balance Pavilion may have 41 open dates for events such as weddings, graduation ceremonies, and concerts featuring 1980s hair bands. So if any members of Ratt are reading, maybe you’ll want to come play at the PBP. It’s not like the Kings have any interest in playing there.

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