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Reviewing Rainbow Cookie Sandwich Pop-Tarts

Good morning,and thank you for joining me!

We haven’t done a review in a while, and I figure now’s the time. I thought I’d review one of the latest Pop-Tarts flavors, Rainbow Cookie Sandwich.

While I prefer my Pop-Tarts with frosting on the front of them, I like the chocolate swirl on the front, and the rainbow chips are a nice touch. I also like the white icing inside as well. It doesn’t really taste like an ice cream sandwich, but it is pretty good.

And don’t you even think about eating these cold, Pop-Tarts are meant to be toasted. I mean, if you really have to, fine, but these are Pop-Tarts worth toasting. I know there are many other new flavors they keep coming out with, but it was these ones that I chose to get and thus we have a review and if you have a flavor you want me to review, let me know.

I give the Rainbow Cookie Sandwich Pop-Tarts a Thumbs Up!

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