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Ask T.J. Anything- Jan. 14, 2011

OK, it’s the first installment of the new year of the Viewer Mail, so here we go…

I knew you would have an answer like that if i told u something about the A’s

Most definitely. That team broke my heart in 1989 when they beat the Giants in the World Series and I’m glad they haven’t won since.

Seriously,though, that team needs a lot of work. They gotta keep a group of players together that are going to be there for a few years instead of trading everyone away. How are fans going to come to games if there aren’t players there that they can familiarize themselves with? Also, they have to get a new stadium, whether it’s Oakland or San Jose, they need a new ballpark. The Coliseum is not a great place to see a game. Why would I want to sit in a half empty stadium watching players who are about to be traded to bigger and better places? The A’s have a long way to go before they get back to where they used to be.

Any New Year Resolutions?


heya do you have New Years Resolution?

I do have a couple. I am going to try and travel more. I also want to be more of a go-getter, I feel like I’m not accomplishing enough at times and I’m just going to go after it. I also want to take some better care of myself.

Do you have any piercings — besides your ears?

First off, I have no ear piercings, nor do I have any piercings at all or plan to get any in the future.

Double Rainbow…what does it mean?

I think it’s a video posted by some guy on YouTube and his reaction to it. I have no idea what it means, maybe CBS 13 meteorologist Laura Skirde has the answer, watch her every weekday morning from 5-7.

What’s the best thing that happened to you in 2010?

Great question! There were many things that were great that happened, but for me it was the surprise birthday party that was thrown for me, I did not expect it and there were many people there that I was so happy to see. It was very joyful for me and I was surprised to receive gifts as well, I didn’t expect that and that was just a nice thing for them to do. I’ll say this, I am a lucky guy I have so many wonderful people in my life that I hold very close to my heart and there’s always room for more.

What are you looking most forward to this year?

Oh, gosh, so much. I am looking forward to Devo Day at Marine World this year, I always like going to that. I am also looking forward to seeing a couple Giants games as well, including in mid-July against the Dodgers. If you’re looking to go to a game, take me with you, they don’t lose when I am in attendance.

Why do you shop at the competition?

Because I like shopping at places that I am appreciated!

Have you ever been in a band? If so, what was the name and what instrument did you play?

I have not been in a band, unlike my dad,my uncle,and my brother, I am musically challenged. I can’t play an instrument or sing. The only thing I can play is maybe a kazoo or a CD player.

How do you feel about Pablo Sandoval’s chances about losing weight as of the latest news he has lost over 30 pounds. Do you think it will hinder his power or make him a better player?

I had heard 17 via Rich Aurilia. I think this could do nothing but help him. I had heard last year that he was dealing with family issues and I don’t care who you are, that’s going to affect you while you’re playing. I think with those settling down he will have a clear mind and be ready to go.

If you have a question for me, send it to my Formspring, and we will see you next time!

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