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The Things That Need to Come Back in 2022-Part Two


Welcome back to our countdown of The Things That Need to Come Back in 2022. This is a list of trends, things,ideas,and other stuff that needs to come back in the new year. Part One dealt with numbers 25-11 and now our second and final part is our Top 10.

Disclaimer: Just like the Things That Need to Go list, this list is for entertainment purposes and is meant to be taken semi-seriously, so keep that in mind when you read the list. We’re just trying to have fun here!

Here we go to the final part of the list and here’s #10!

NickNurse10. NBA coaches in suits

Before the pandemic you used to see NBA head coaches in a stylish suit on the sidelines. Then it hit and then when the bubble was created to finish the season they ditched them and they haven’t been back since. Some people like that, I absolutely don’t. I’m used to seeing NBA and NHL head coaches in suits,which the latter sport still does because they care about professionalism when it comes to how their coaches dress. I am hoping that the NBA has their coaches dressing their best next year,otherwise this might make the list yet again. 

MovieTheater9. Movies premiering exclusively in theaters 

Sure, this is happening more and more now,but remember when this was the only way movies were released that weren’t direct to video? Yeah,I liked that,too. Let’s go back to that! I get that some people like staying home to watch a new movie,but seeing a movie in the theater upon premiere is how it’s supposed to be. Why? Because going to the movies is fun and the popcorn there is freaking delicious. Have you had popcorn better than at a movie theater? Of course not! That’s one of the hooks to get you in, it’s too good. Plus as I said, that’s how a movie should begin it’s run is in a theater with nice cushy seats and addictive popcorn. Anything else is uncivilized!

INPersonDoctorAppt8. In person doctors’ visits

If there’s one thing I am sick of when it comes to doing everything virtually, it’s having to do doctors visits online. I hate it. First of all, doing these online isn’t convenient, it drains the battery on my phone, and it doesn’t feel like the personable experience that it should be. I also feel like I’ve lost access to healthcare when it comes to only being able to see a doctor online, I really do. It’s come to a point where if I can’t see a doctor in person,I won’t go. It’s time that my wishes were respected and granted. I want to go to the doctor when I need to and in person. I’m triple vaccinated, I haven’t had the virus since February and I haven’t been sick since then. I think it’s time for us to get our access to a doctor back and do away with virtual visits. I’m a real person with real needs and those need to be met in person by someone who cares enough to help.

PublicRestrooms7. Public restrooms

This has made our list for the second time in a row and for good reason, it’s because finding a public restroom is getting harder and harder these days. Oftentimes I am in a place of business and sometimes there’s not one available or there is one and I have to obtain a key from someone or punch in a stupid code. How messed up is that? I am a diabetic and have to go to the bathroom a lot,it’s not even funny. I remember during the pandemic this was a problem in many local parks and I had to pee in a bush and was at a point where I didn’t care if anyone of authority saw me do it, I was that desperate. I don’t know about you,but it should never get to that level of desperation for anyone who badly needs to use the restroom. Open them up for the ones who really need them like myself.

Barges6. Functional supply chains

Suggested by my friend Rodger,we definitely need to bring back a functional supply chain in our country. It’s actually one of the main reasons we have massive inflation right now and how everything costs so much. I have an idea, instead of manufacturing everything overseas where the people who make it are children working basically slave labor, why not have anything we can make here be made in America? What would be so bad about that? People exclaim how “nObOdY wAnTs To WoRk AnYmOrE”, so let’s bring back a lot of these jobs so that people can have one. Not everything needs to be made in communist countries with no child labor laws only to be brought over on ships waiting forever to enter our ports. It’s time for these greedy bastards who make everything overseas to start making stuff here. That’s how you solve this problem of not having a functional supply chain and in a country that made sense we would do this! 

TakeThatL5. Learning how to take a loss

Yep,I said it,this country is full of sore losers. From crying that last year’s presidential election wasn’t legitimate to storming the Capitol as a result it seems like so many people can’t handle losing. Even when their sports teams lose they can’t handle it. Is this the result of raising a society who was given participation ribbons for showing up and trophies for not coming in first? I swear anytime a certain candidate of a certain party loses, the supporters of that candidate/party immediately cry voter fraud. Just because your guy lost doesn’t mean there was voter fraud involved. Don’t get me wrong,I think it’s hilarious every time someone thinks that, but having said that, the act is getting very old. It’s time to be a grown up and realize that you’re not going to win every time. So,hold that L and hold it good! 

AmericanDreamOver4. The American dream

This has made several countdowns and for good reason; it’s because the American is dead and has been for a long time now.

No longer are we a country where if you work hard enough you can get ahead in life and all your dreams come true and your needs are met. That’s the biggest crock of bullshit now and that statement rings hollow to me. It’s become so hard to be many things in this country like a homeowner or having good health coverage or affordable child care or even paid vacation time. So many countries have things like universal healthcare,paid vacation time by law, free college,and aren’t bombing country after country like we are. We’re so close to being a third world country than we are a developing first world country. It feels like we’re going backwards and are continuing to because we can’t take care of the basic needs of our own people. It’s time to get things right for once and end the injustices we have here,otherwise people are going to a better developed country for the things you couldn’t do for them at home when you had the chance.

Commondecency3. Common decency

This is an item that many people suggested to me to make the list and I’m gonna give the people what they want here because they’re right. We used to be a much more decent society. We had manners, we were kinder to one another,and we even tolerated one another. Now we fight over everything, we fight each other, and we treat one another terribly. Hell,we can’t even go five minutes without a viral video of people being vicious to people who work at places like Target or Costco because they won’t wear a mask for the time they’re in the goddamn store. I even think we’re a more racist country than when I was born almost 40 years ago, I really do. I would love to see us as a society be better to one another,but that’s a big ask and unlikely to happen anytime soon,but it’s up to you guys to prove me wrong.

Science2. Science

We definitely need science to come back because so many people don’t believe in it and it’s pretty sad. I hate that something so simple became such a partisan issue. Instead we have people on social media who claim to be experts on everything when there are actual people who have devoted their life’s work to science who know way more than the average person on this topic. The know-it-alls on social media just want what they believed already to be true and it actually isn’t. I’m not a scientific scholar by any means,but the subject interests me now as an adult more than ever before. I want to know more about it and that’s why when researching it,I try to turn to the people who know it best instead of whatever person tells me what I want to hear like so many science deniers do so often. I think it’s time to stop looking for the answer you want and to get the answers you need when it comes to this subject. 

M4A1. Politicians with good ideas and who aren’t corrupt

This made its way to the top of my countdown this year because so many people in both major parties have no fucking idea how to do their jobs and serve their constituents. From Joe Manchin to Kyrsten Sinema to the entire Republican party, these boneheads instead serve the corporations and lobbies that line their pockets with cash. Beyond that they’ve refused to pass good legislation to help people who really do truly need it. Instead they’ve decided to fund forever wars overseas and big pharma and the energy industry and Wall Street and I’ve just about had enough of it. Honestly,it’s on a lot of voters who keep reelecting these rich pricks again and again thinking they’ll change and serve them for a change and they never do. Memo to voters: Stop electing these doofuses and start electing people who aren’t corrupt and who won’t serve corporate interests and will stand up for your values because they share them with you. It’s time to not only get them out of office,but time to primary them before they even have a chance at re-election. So many of them need to have their asses handed to them at the voting booth and I am here for it and I’m willing to do this,but I’m only one guy and we need a village to make this kind of thing happen. If you’re brave enough, you’ll do the same.

P.S. Fuck Manchin and Sinema!

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