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The Things That Need to Go in 2022-Part One

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our countdown of The Things That Need to go in 2022. This is a collection of the trends, people, phrases,and anything else you can think of that need to go when we arrive at,hopefully,a better new year. This is Part One of our countdown where we will reveal items 100-81 of the list. 

Disclaimer: This list is for entertainment purposes and is meant to be taken semi-seriously, so keep that in mind when you read the list. We’re just trying to have fun here!

Here’s our countdown and here’s #100!

100. Meghan McCain

Second year selection

We begin our countdown with America’s least favorite spoiled brat turned political commentator that nobody asked for. Sure,she’s gone from The View, but she’s still not gone from the landscape as McCain has appeared on other forms of media including writing a column for the British tabloid,the Daily Mail. Not only are her political positions just awful along with everything that comes out of her mouth,but she only got to where she is because of her last name and who her father was. If she wasn’t born into wealth,she’d probably be working the night shift at Dairy Queen,but I wouldn’t wish that on them in the first place. I don’t know many people who can stand her and the ones that can have some explaining to do as to how.

99. Flopping in the NBA

First year selection

Something that has needed to go for a long time and I think anyone who watches basketball would agree. When a guy has to fake being fouled by flopping on the deck like a fish like that, you know the league has lost a lot of credibility. If you have to fake being fouled like that,it makes me question how you’d be able to take a real foul. Honestly,it makes me want to watch the NBA less (among other reasons). There is one saving grace to flopping and that’s the Phantom of the Flopera segment on SportsCenter every week. Other than that, it’s time to make this act flop away.

98. Rally caps

First year selection

I know baseball is a superstitious sport,but if there’s one thing that doesn’t work,it’s the rally cap. How does turning your hat inside out help your team overcome a 10-1 deficit in the bottom of the ninth inning? You really think your inside out hat is going to turn it around? If that’s the case, I have some oceanfront property in Nevada you might be interested in. I don’t know why I haven’t put this on here before, but I’ve never liked rally caps. It doesn’t work and makes you and your hat look silly.


97. Tulsi Gabbard

First year selection

I never thought I would see the day that someone I once admired and respected would be on this list in this manner,but it has to be done. Tulsi Gabbard,a former congresswoman from Hawaii and one-time Democratic presidential candidate, was once someone I thought could be the next President because of how progressive she seemed at the time. However, once she abandoned support for policies like Medicare for All, she turned out to be a phony to me and once she endorsed Joe Biden over her supposed friend Bernie Sanders for President, she showed me her true colors. Now she has fallen into the rabbit hole of conservatism and abandoned policy positions she once lauded. She’s against the Afghanistan withdrawal when she before was for ending these regime change wars,in fact,that was her chief campaign issue when she ran in 2020. She’s always on shows like Tucker Carlson and Jimmy Dore and even Sean Hannity (more on the former two later in the countdown) and parroting whatever right wing statement they want to hear from her. I don’t know why she changed like she did,maybe it’s because her support for Sanders back in 2016 got her out of the DNC’s good graces or maybe she was this way all along. All I know is that her time as a progressive champion is over and it’s sad to see.

96. Draft spoilers from people like Woj and Shams on social media

First year selection

Let’s go to two people who take the fun out of the draft year in and year out by spoiling who’s getting picked: Adrian Wojnarowski and Shams Charania. During the NBA Draft these two always announce the pick ahead of when it’s supposed to be announced on social media and it bothers fans greatly. The NFL used to do this years ago until they had to step in and ask reporters not to do it because of how unpopular it is with fans and how much it ruins the experience of watching the draft. That’s exactly why the NFL Draft is the best one to watch, but let’s be real it always has been. The NBA Draft is good,but the spoilers ruin it for me as well as other fans,which is part of why I left Twitter (along with its toxicity). Stop spoiling it for the rest of us,fellas. Let us enjoy who our teams are picking live as it happens.

95. CATCH-ALL: Unfunny Super Bowl commercials and showing Super Bowl commercials before the Super Bowl

Fourth year selection

Just like draft spoilers, this had to make the list,too, more on that in a second!

This used to be way higher on the list,but since I have lost almost all hope for Super Bowl commercials to get better,it has slid all the way to Part One. Super Bowl commercials used to be super funny and really good. Nowadays they went all super sappy and they make you want to feel stuff during the commercial break. I hate that, I want to laugh my ass off and be happy during the game. Also,stop showing these terrible ads you have now before the game. It makes the ads on the actual day seem meaningless and the fun already spoiled. I have to purposely not see them to not have it spoiled for me even though they suck now. Make Super Bowl commercials funny again and only on gameday.

SpaceForce94. The U.S. Space Force

Third year selection

If you’re looking for a big waste of money in this country, look no further than the newest branch of our armed forces,the U.S. Space Force. First of all,this is stupid. There’s no need for a Space Force, this isn’t a Star Wars movie,this is real life. The need for this isn’t there at all,at least right now. We can’t even get universal healthcare in this country or paid time off by law, or lower prescription costs, or getting our infrastructure repaired. But we have the money for bullshit like this? It shows where the true priorities in this country are and it’s deeply frustrating. All this money for war and fighting space demons, but we can’t get everyone healthcare. The United States really is an underdeveloped land that is wearing a pair of Nike Air Force 1s. If you’ve ever wondered what’s wrong with this country,this is one of the many reasons why.

DisneylandSign93. Wearing political gear to Disneyland

First year selection

If there’s one thing I don’t like when I am at Disneyland, it’s people wearing political gear. Why do I say that? Because it’s really not the time or place. We’re all there for one thing, to enjoy ourselves. Wearing your FJB shirt or your MAGA hat is not something any of us want to see. Rocking a “Let’s Go Brandon” sweatshirt is not only impractical,but it’s 93 degrees in November. I also don’t want to see your “Brandon Won, Get Over It” gear,either,Democrats! Also,I think this type of gear is not allowed to be worn in the parks. Pop on a Space Mountain shirt and enjoy yourselves. There’s no need to make everyone look at you for being a prick while wearing your political views on your body with a “Look at Me” attitude doesn’t make me want to look at you,but only slightly pity you.

PaperStraws92. Paper straws

First year selection

I tried to get on board with these and I just can’t. I get that paper straws are more environmentally friendly than plastic ones and they don’t end up in the noses of turtles,but I am not a fan. These are not only not fun to use,but they also don’t stay together long. Maybe if you made sturdier ones that didn’t fall apart in five minutes, I would be down,but since they’re made of a substance that deteriorates when wet, it’s a failed experiment. Maybe I should just bring a metal straw with me wherever I go,especially Disneyland. I just know that a paper straw doesn’t cut it for me.

MonkeyTailBeard91. The monkey tail beard

First year selection

While I haven’t seen anyone with this in my own life, I have seen this and it looks awful. Why would anyone have a beard like this? Sure, it’s an interesting looking beard,but not to have for reals. This is just as bad as the handlebar mustache and having just a soul patch. Mike Fiers of the Oakland A’s is probably the most famous for having this in a long line of A’s players who have had awful facial hair over the years. I’m all for creativity,but this is absurdity. Unless you’re playing a character in a movie,don’t rock this beard!

superlongautogeneratedpassword90. Super long auto-generated passwords

First year selection

I get that there are auto-generated passwords in case the one you come up with isn’t good enough,but do they have to be super long with like 89 characters? Who on earth is going to use such a password? Or even remember it? It looks like one big anxious complication to me, it really does. I absolutely think there’s no place for them and if they have to exist, make them shorter and realistic,none of this super long password nobody is going to use garbage

GasStationTV89. TVs at gas stations

First year selection

Something I have long thought “Why is this even here?” and gas station TVs are something that’s not very necessary and one could argue they never were. Not only that,but a lot of them just repeat the intro over and over and over while you’re filling up. I get that people are always finding ways to advertise and make a buck,but these TVs at the gas station are not one of them. Also, nobody’s staying that long to watch. Why even have this? I mean,is this the only way I can see Maria Menounos? How about getting her on regular TV? Our next item also has something to do with TV. Here’s #88!

GMFB88. People who dress like slobs on TV

First year selection

If there’s one thing I don’t like seeing on television, it’s people who are poorly dressed on it. From newscasters to football analysts, not everyone is dressed to the nines anymore when it comes to the professionalism of their wardrobes and it’s kinda sad to see. Before the pandemic this didn’t used to be the case and since then it’s not improved. Not to pick on them,but on the weekday edition of Good Morning Football they do not dress like they want to present a good television program. They’re wearing jeans,sometimes with holes in them, and are in sneakers way too much. When I tune in, I don’t stay long because they’re not dressed for success. Part of television is how you present yourself and when you do so like you just woke up,I’m just not interested. Do better!

WalkerHayesFancyLike87. Country rap

First year selection

Here’s a trend I was hoping would’ve died by now,but it hasn’t. It started with Old Town Road a couple years ago and while it was a cute song and all, country rap has gotten out of hand. So much so that the Applebee’s on a date night song has people doing stupid TikTok dances outside of them. I hate that song and the only reason it exists is because Applebee’s needed a song for its commercials. That’s it! This needs to go and disco needs to come back!

CaitlynJenner86. Caitlyn Jenner

First year selection

This is somebody who should’ve been on this list years ago,but a failed gubernatorial campaign and getting away with killing somebody with her car has Jenner on our list. It’s not because she’s transgender, it’s because she’s a horrible person. She had no business running for governor and honestly would’ve been just as bad as the leadership we have now,if not worse. I can’t think of one redeemable quality about her at all. I also can’t stand her kids who should be on this list,but let’s be real, we already know how bad they are and we can’t saturate the list with all of these morons.

ShoeFreeHouse85. Shoe-free households

Fourth year selection

I have never been a fan of having to take my shoes off in someone else’s home. I feel incomplete without shoes on most of the time unless I am at my home and I’m almost never without my shoes. I get that folks want to keep dirt out of the house as much as possible,but I have news for you, it’s going to be there anyways. A household without shoes is a sad house if you ask me and if my shoes have to come off,chances are I’m not going to be over very much after that visit. That’s just how I roll!

mccloskeys84. The McCloskeys

Second year selection

I never expected to have these clowns back on the list,but here we are. These two ambulance chasers were famous for pointing their guns at protesters last year who were of no threat to them whatsoever and now the guy clown is running for Senate or something and I hope he loses badly in that election. He also claims to have been a lifelong Republican when he was actually a Democrat before becoming famous for being a scared douche. I hope once he loses in the primary that we never see him again,but I have a feeling we won’t.

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees - Game Two

83. The idea that Trump is going to be reinstated as President

First year selection

This is an item that I hope is making its only appearance, but I somehow doubt it. Nonetheless, it’s time to let the idea of this moron of a President being anywhere near the White House ever again go once and for all. He didn’t win the election last year, he lost big time. There was no widespread voter fraud and if there was it was his supporters doing it. This is exactly the result of a generation getting participation trophies and ribbons for showing up not being able to take a loss like this one. Stop storming the Capitol building and saying it was stolen,take the L and move on

GMFBWeekend82. CATCH-ALL: Reporting the news from home and doing TV shows from home

First year selections

I get that we’re still in a pandemic, but if there’s one thing I don’t want to see anymore,it’s TV shows being done from home,this includes the news. It was understandable during the early part of it all,but things are getting better now and the need to be at home being on TV is just about done. I don’t see it as much with the news,but there are still some reporters and anchors doing it from home and that’s just unnecessary. Also,why is the weekend version of Good Morning Football still being done remotely? If the weekday version can do a show in the studio,why can’t you? I,for one,won’t watch any show where everyone is remotely away from the studio until they get back there. I have to report to my job everyday, you should,too!

AlexJones81. Alex Jones

Fourth year selection

We end Part One with a right wing radio host and conspiracy theorist and the guy who is probably the reason his family can’t visit Dave & Buster’s anymore, Mr. Alex Jones. While he isn’t as relevant as he used to be because of being deplatformed, he is still as crazy as ever with his terrible theories about vaccines, his belief that Sandy Hook was a hoax, and that Ivermectin is the cure for COVID. Also,he was a part of assembling crowds for the Jan. 6 insurrection so he should be in jail. He’s one of the biggest grifters out there with people buying not only what he’s saying, but also his male vitality pills that do nothing. He’s such a tool and needs to go big time and be knocked off this list for good!

Part Two comes your way tomorrow!

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  1. I TOTALLY agree with #93…The only outfits I want to see at Disneyland are ones with a Disney character!

    …and #88? People should dress PERIOD! Whether you’re on TV or not! I HATE seeing people in the grocery store or shopping mall wearing their PJs and slippers! Too tired to get dressed? STAY HOME!

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