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T.J. the Sports Geek’s 2021 Predictions


Hello Everyone,

Now we’ve reached the part of the year where I reveal my predictions list for the new year and 2021 is just days away and I have a few things I think will happen for it. Last year I was able to get a couple of them correct with the economy crashing, the presidential election being terrible and a third of a prediction correct with Teddy Bridgewater starting for a new team. Here we go, onto a new year and onto what I can get right for 2021!

Feinstein10. Dianne Feinstein will resign from the Senate

I will preface this by saying that I don’t care for Dianne Feinstein as a legislator. She’s part of an establishment that is and has long been against true change for this country and is holding it back for as far back as I can remember. She’s also 87 and losing her memory. Last month in a hearing about social media,she repeated the same question twice to Jack Dorsey,who is the CEO of Twitter. It’s sad to see someone clinging to office despite having their health deteriorate like hers has. I think her family needs to and should convince her to resign and I have a feeling she might if things get worse. If she finishes her term,she’ll be 91 at that time and I don’t know about you, but nobody should be working at age 91. She is continued proof of why federal lawmakers need term limits so that this isn’t a lifetime gig you can get rich off of and can stay in office forever in spite of how bad your health is. That’s the only reason she’s there otherwise she would’ve been gone long ago.

199LBS9. I will be under 200 pounds for the first time since 2014

Last year I had a prediction that I would lose 25 pounds. While I was down 22 pounds at one point this year, I was unable to get to 25. But that’s okay, I have a bigger goal, to get to under 200 pounds for the first time in seven years this coming year. Yes,it will be a lot of work and yes, it’s going to be painful at times, but I have faith that I can do it. After all, I was able to get down 22 pounds at one point this year. It would be nice to have my weight start with a 1 instead of a 2 for a change,too. I have a lot of things I want to change about myself over the course of this next year and I think this will be a great start.

LimuEmu8. The Limu Emu will become a Funko Pop

I love the Limu Emu and I love Funko Pops and I think it’s an outrage that there has yet to be a Funko Pop of the Limu Emu. I think this year, at some point,we will see one. Sure,this is a King of Wishful Thinking prediction, but wouldn’t it be cool if it happened? I mean as far as insurance ad mascots, he is one of the better ones along with the GEICO Gecko and the Aflac 7.Duck. Hell,why stop there? Funko should do a whole collection of insurance mascots. I would buy them all,not just Limu Emu.

MannyMachado7. The San Diego Padres will win the World Series

The sexy team to pick to win the 2021 World Series does play in the National League West,but they wear brown and yellow instead of blue. Yes,the San Diego Padres will win the World Series. You heard it here first! Along with big stars like Eric Hosmer, Manny Machado,and Fernando Tatis, Jr. they also have quality pitching with Mike Clevinger and newly acquired starters Blake Snell and Yu Darvish. I like where this team is headed and it wouldn’t surprise me if this team on the rise makes it all the way to the show next season. Plus it would be nice to see someone other than the Dodgers get to the World Series for a change.

Zaxbys Logo6. California will get a Zaxby’s

While I have no knowledge of this happening, this is something I have wishful thinking for because everyone I know who has tried Zaxby’s has raved about it and I want to try it,too, but I can’t really head to Utah to go do that now,can I?

If Raising Cane’s can make its way out here, I think Zaxby’s can,too. I think California needs one of these among other things,plus there are so many vacated other fast food places out there that could use a new tenant and I can’t think of anyone better than a chicken place that many of my friends and coworkers have tried and enjoyed. Let’s get a Zaxby’s to the Golden State.

WeDidntStarttheFire5. Billy Joel will release a sequel to “We Didn’t Start the Fire” based entirely on 2020

If Billy Joel was to write a sequel to his 1989 hit song “We Didn’t Start the Fire”, now is the perfect time.

Why? Because 2020 was so eventful and awful that I think you’ve got enough for a song about it and what better way to describe something than in the manner that “We Didn’t Start the Fire” did when Joel first performed it over 30 years ago? I think if anyone can sum it up in the form of a song, it’s the Piano Man himself!

CamNewton4. Cam Newton will be out of football

I think Cam Newton’s time in the NFL is just about up after his comeback attempt with the Patriots has been a disaster. Sure,he looked alright in the beginning of the year,but as the season went on it became clear that he is not playing at the level he did when he was the NFL’s MVP in 2015. He isn’t capable of throwing the football well, even if he rarely does and he isn’t able to make average players better like his predecessor did. 

I think it’s time for Newton to hang them up and enjoy the career that he once had. Maybe he’ll get a shot somewhere else,but judging by the lack of interest anyone had in him before New England took him on a one-year deal, it’s hard to say that he will shine somewhere else.

WilliamBarr3. William Barr will be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars

As much as I hate to see former disgraced Republican politicians rehabilitate their careers in places like reality television, I feel like something like former attorney general William Barr is going to try and do this. Awful others such as Tucker Carlson, Tom Delay, and Sean Spicer have done this in the past and even Sarah Palin’s talentless daughter Bristol had a long run on the show about a decade ago. Dancing with the Stars seems to be a place where these terrible people seem to find some sort of redemption so the public can find some way to love them and it wouldn’t surprise me if a guy like Barr did this himself.

2021NFLDraft2. A record number of offensive linemen will be taken in the first round of the 2021 NFL draft

There are so many teams that really need help on their offensive lines and I have a hunch that a lot of them are going to take an offensive lineman with their first choice in the draft next season. Take Cincinnati,for example, if they were able to have a decent line on the offensive side of the ball, Joe Burrow wouldn’t have had his rookie season cut short. These teams with young quarterbacks need to make those investments in them count and get them well protected up front, which is why I think a lot of these offensive linemen will get snatched up more than any other position in the first round.

Chump1. Donald Trump being dragged out of the White House will be a televised Pay-Per-View event

I have a feeling we’re going to see Donald Trump being forcefully removed from the White House on Jan. 20, the only question is how it’s going to happen. I have an idea that I hope happens: Make it a Pay-Per-View event! Do you know how many people would plunk down $99.99 to watch him get escorted out by the military or the Secret Service? It would definitely be worth the cheddar to see a man refusing to not only concede the election once and for all,but also trespassing and squatting in the Oval Office. Many people don’t think it will happen,but with the behavior I have seen from this crazy douchebag and how it could go down, I have a gut feeling that he’s going away by force and if so, let us watch on PPV and donate the funds from it to charity.

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