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The Most Bizarre Things About 2018

Hello Everyone,

This is the fourth year we’ve done this list and we’ll countdown the 10 things that were odd,weird,and just bizarre about this past year. Like our other lists,this is to be taken semi-seriously and is for the sole purpose of entertaining you,the reader. 

On to the list!

Mayfield310. The Cleveland Browns won some actual games

This shouldn’t really be on the list per se,but wow,didn’t it feel like an eternity between the Browns’ last win in December of 2016 and their next one in September of 2018? It had been so long that the last team they had beaten moved cities the following season.

It was so bizarre because it was something you hadn’t seen in a while. You had to question whether or not it was really happening. After Cleveland’s first win in a long time, the coolers full of beer were unlocked and fan celebrated with cheer. Now at 7-7-1 at press time they have a lot to look forward to in the future. I think this team has a lot going for it and you should stay tuned.

VGK9. The Vegas Golden Knights going to the Stanley Cup Finals

Usually expansion teams don’t do very well in their infancy,but the Vegas Golden Knights decided to not be like a conventional expansion team and built a roster that was ready to win now,and this past year,they almost did.

Vegas not only made the playoffs their first year,but they also got all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals where they met a powerful Capitals team who was hungry to win their first Cup as well and did.

It was so bizarre seeing a new team do so well so fast. It makes you wonder if any future expansion teams in this sport or another will try and emulate what they did.I guess we’ll find out in 2021 when Seattle enters the league.

Giuliani8. Rudy Giuliani

There are a lot of crazy characters in the Trump camp and one that stands out as pretty bizarre in his own right is his lawyer,former mayor of New York City and lover of September 11,Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani measures so high on the bizarre meter,he had to make this list. He reaches so hard to defend everything that Donald Trump says or does that it’s comical.

In late August, Giuliani argued that Trump should not testify to the special counsel investigation because Trump could be “trapped into perjury” just by telling “somebody’s version of the truth. Not the truth.” He also argued that “Truth isn’t truth.”
Giuliani also said that “collusion is not a crime.”

Rudy Fooliani is only embarrassing himself more and more the longer he works for this guy. I know he’s his lawyer and he’s paid to defend and cheerlead for him,but even the kind of nonsense he’s trying to defend makes him look crazier than his boss.

Also,this dude married his second cousin and goes through wives faster than I go through shoes. It can’t get any more bizarre than that. Or can it?

Gritty7. Gritty

I debated whether or not to put this on the list,but in the end I put the newest NHL mascot on this year’s countdown.

Gritty,the new mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers,had to make our bizarre list because of two reasons: How ugly,creepy,and scary he looks and the positive response towards him. Gritty is a 7-foot-1 furry orange creature with googly eyes who wears Philadelphia Flyers’ gear.

Not long ago,the Pelicans revealed their new mascot named Pierre and he was uglier and scarier than Gritty was and he had to get redesigned in order to look more kid-friendly. From all accounts it doesn’t look like Gritty will be getting such a makeover and for fans of the Flyers,that’s okay with them as they’ve embraced him as the team’s first ever mascot.

It’s pretty bizarre to see something so ugly and creepy become so beloved as he has,but hey, I guess the team did its research when creating a mascot. They know what their fanbase likes!

TidePodHotCoil.png6. CATCH-ALL: Kids eating Tide Pods and other lame internet challenges

There was a lot of bizarre to go around this year,but to start it all off was the Tide Pods challenge where teenagers were the reported demographic participating in the challenge; they would record themselves chewing and gagging on pods and then daring others to do the same. Some teens even cooked the pods prior to eating them.

If that wasn’t enough,there were other challenges such as the Hot Coil challenge. This one required the foolish participant to press their bare arm or hand against the red hot coils of an active stove top and then posting the proof of their injuries online.

If any of you kids are reading this,it’s time to stop doing these challenges. Not just for your own safety an your own good,but also so that the older generation takes you a little more seriously. In case you haven’t noticed,the actions of a few people are marring your reputations,warranted or not.

Gruden25. The Oakland Raiders and the Jon Gruden saga

It has been a dismal season for the Oakland/Los Angeles/Oakland/Las Vegas/Narnia/Funkytown/Wakanda Raiders and the second Jon Gruden era and it only keeps getting more bizarre by the day.

For starters,the team gave him a ridiculous 10-year,$100 million contract to leave the Monday Night Football booth after being away from coaching for almost a decade. Then the Khalil Mack situation happened where he wanted an extension and never got it,maybe because they gave their overrated coach too much money. The team traded him to Chicago who is now good and won a division title this year.

They also traded for A.J. McCarron before the season opened.

They then traded Amari Cooper to Dallas and he’s since seen a career revitalization and he himself is on a playoff team. They now have a 3-11 record as of press time and seem to be zeroing in on the top pick next spring in the draft,not to mention two more first rounders from the previously mentioned trades. Oh,and for some reason they signed Nathan Peterman who has thrown 74 interceptions this season.

It seems as though instead of competing for a playoff berth with the pieces they had before Gruden got there,they are rebuilding any which way they can and want only players they draft when they’re in Las Vegas on the roster. It’s pretty bizarre in terms of the approach they’re taking in building a team and the reason why they even brought Gruden back in the first place.

TrumpCouple.jpg4. Trump dating websites

It’s been reported that staffers of Donald Trump were unable to find dates and as a result had to lie about what they did for a living in order to keep them. Well now there are dating websites simply for Trump supporters who aren’t able to get laid otherwise.

There’s one called Righter,a dating network that caters to Trump supporters who have been rejected on more mainstream dating apps over their political beliefs.

There are many others out there as well,but since I don’t want to take up too much of your time,you can Google them to see that yes,they actually exist. One even used a sex offender as its model.

Here’s why I think it’s bizarre: It’s because these people don’t realize that other people who reject them have a lot higher standards when it comes to who they want to be with,myself included. Instead of blaming everyone around you for why you’re not getting love from someone else,look within yourself to see why that is.

GroceryID.jpg3. Trump claiming you need ID to buy groceries

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is a pretty out-of-touch person when it comes to regular people,but it’s pretty bizarre to know how out-of-touch the people representing you in power are let alone him when he made the claim that you needed an ID to buy your groceries,and he did it more than once.

At one of his racist KKK rallies that he regularly holds in front of his supporters,the majority of whom are white, he said that since you “need ID” when you go to the grocery store, you should need it to vote.

It was such a bizarre statement that his horrible press secretary had to comment on the last time Trump went grocery shopping.

“White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she was ‘not sure’ when Trump last went to a grocery store,”reported John Wagner of the Washington Post

Trump made the claim again months later.

It’s a pretty serious issue when the so-called President of your country doesn’t know what’s involved in a trip to the grocery store. I would bet a large sum of money that he’s never been to a grocery store in his 72 years of existence. Not once.

This,my friends,is part of why you should take your votes more seriously. I don’t know about you,but I would rather my vote go to someone who knows about the life of a regular person like myself,not some rich charlatan who has hired help that goes grocery shopping for them and doesn’t know the struggles of the average everyday American.

RakingForests2. Trump claiming that raking forests help prevent fires

We go from one asinine statement made by Donald Trump to another.
After the devastating wildfires in California last month,Donald Trump made the ridiculous claim that failure to rake the forest floor contributed to the loss of life and property in the Camp and Woolsey Fires in California.

Trump even toured the damage in my state and told the current and incoming governors that they needed to rake the forests in order to help prevent them and that countries such as Finland were doing this as a preventable measure in their country,something that Finnish officials denied.

We’ve covered how out-of-touch he is in our last item,but honestly this is just an ignorant statement from him and something he made up in his own mind. First off,it wasn’t an unraked forest that was the cause of these fires. At least in one of the fires it was alleged to be a power line that a tree fell on,causing a short circuit that sparked it.

Maybe if this doofus knew what he was talking about when it comes to things like this,maybe so many of us wouldn’t roll our eyes and laugh at him all at once.

GarbagePailKids2.jpg1. White people calling the cops on black people for being black

This,far and away,is the most bizarre thing to occur in 2018,and honestly,it didn’t need to happen.

Time and again,white people who should’ve minded their own business were calling the police on black people who were doing just that. Whether they were having a barbecue on a nice spring day in Oakland or selling water to baseball fans on their way to a game or mowing someone’s lawn or trying to use a coupon at a CVS or accidentally brushing someone with their backpark, the unnecessary 911 calls came in and the cell phones were set to record to capture the ridiculousness.

People like BBQ Becky,Permit Patty,Pool Patrol Paula,Coupon Carl,and Cornerstore Caroline became villainized for their unnecessary actions and rightfully so. The racism in this country is on the rise and it needs to called out in every way possible. So if there’s something unusual and bizarre that’s happening that shouldn’t be,get your phone out and hit record. It needs to stop!

That’s our list!

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