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The Things That Need to Come Back in 2019

Now that we’ve completed our Things That Need to Go in 2019 list,we’ve gotta mention the things that need to come back. This is our list of the Things That Need to Come Back in 2019. We’ll go over our short but sweet list of the things,trends,and everything else that should make a return in the coming year. On we go with our list!

IDidntKnowIWasPregnant.jpg10. I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

We begin this list with a show my dad and I enjoyed in the middle of this decade and possibly even before-a little show on TLC called I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.

It was one of the best shows to watch on Saturday around 7 in the morning. It features women who didn’t know they were pregnant and the hilarious stories that were told.
We couldn’t believe that these women were unaware of the fact that they were expecting. Pregnancies last nine months and the fact that they had no signs of it were awfully fantastic stories.

TLC should bring this show back,it was gold!

LittleCerealBoxes9. Little boxes of cereal in the mail

This has been on this list before and this is one of those little things I miss from my childhood that doesn’t happen anymore. Every once in a while either a new cereal would come out or we would just get a sample of an existing one in the mail and it was awesome. We didn’t get much mail as kids,so when we got something like this,it was basically ours and we loved getting stuff like that.

For some reason we don’t get them anymore and it would be cool to get those again. It would be a certain step up from the crappy election mail that we’re cursed with every two years.

ChargersBlueUniforms.jpg8. The San Diego Chargers

Despite the fact that they’re making the playoffs for the first time in five seasons,the Los Angeles Chargers need to go back to where they called home for 56 years-San Diego

This is their team,plain and simple. They belong there,they had so much history there and the fact that they moved two hours north on I-5 to a town that isn’t and won’t support them no matter how much they win. My quiet hope for that team and the fans they left behind is that someone buys the team from the Spanos family and returns them back to San Diego and can use private money to build a new stadium there once and for all. There would be no need to Fight For L.A. after that!

RaysLoungeBar7. Ray’s Lounge

This is probably the silliest item this list has ever seen,but I don’t care.
In my hometown of Orangevale,Calif., there used to be a watering hole called Ray’s Lounge on Main Ave. just north of Greenback. It was there for many years until it closed several years ago. I never went there or anything,but my family’s home phone number was similar to Ray’s and we would often get misdialed calls from Ray’s patrons and it was,for some reason,hilarious to us.

I don’t know where you would put it,but it would be neat to have a place like that back in the OV. We don’t have much around here!

POGs.jpg6. POGs

Now that so many things from the 1990s have made returns,it’s time a favorite game of mine did as well.

POGs were a lot of fun to play back when I was in middle school. We’d save our money and get them from the local convenience store and play in the garages of various friends.

The only trouble is that a lot of kids would play at school and many of them considered it a form of gambling on account that you would keep the caps that you won in the game.

If this ever came back,I would play in a heartbeat. It’s been way too long!

BlackJackTaco5. The Black Jack Taco from Taco Bell

This was maybe the best thing to happen in 2009,and I say that because 2009 was a shitty year for me personally.

The Black Jack Taco from Taco Bell was a godsend,especially for poor people like me who enjoyed food. It was only 89¢ and available during the Halloween season. They even gave them away for free on Halloween night that year. I think I hit up a few different Taco Bells and got them because,again,I was poor.

It sadly has yet to make a return,partially because the dye used to make the taco shell colored black would make your stool turn green. You know something,though? I didn’t care,it was amazing and if Taco Bell would bring it back.

HomeEcCursive.png4. CATCH-ALL: Classes that teach adulting in school and teaching cursive in school

One of the best classes in middle school and in high school was Home Economics. We learned how to cook and how to sew. Stuff like that. Even typing was a class!
There was also Drivers Education that we took back in the day. I hate that these classes aren’t taught in high school anymore and as a result,not everyone knows how to adult properly. I also think students would be better prepared for the real world if these classes were still around. Maybe one day when improving education is a priority,they just might.

Also,why aren’t we teaching cursive anymore?

As recently as last night,I heard one of my cousin’s friends say he wasn’t able to read what my cousin’s birthday card said because it was written in cursive. These kids are in middle school. I find it a bit disturbing that we don’t teach this anymore. How are kids going to read certain Major League Baseball uniforms without knowing how to write in cursive? We need to teach this again for this sole reason alone!

FirstWorldProblemsOregon3. CATCH-ALL: Original ideas for TV shows and TV show theme songs

Remember when we used to have new ideas for TV shows? Yeah,me too!

It seems like all we’re doing nowadays is bringing back shows that used to be on television because nobody is creative enough to come up with a new show to put on the air. They should call me,I have a lot of great ideas for shows and to even improve prime time ratings on every network.

Also,why don’t we have theme songs for shows anymore? It used to be that a show would have a song that would introduce the show and it would last a minute. Now if they even have one,it lasts for about 10 seconds at best. If there’s one thing I miss about television other than originality is a theme song to begin the show. Let’s bring that back!

radio2. Radio stations that don’t play the same six songs all the time

Let’s not kid ourselves, terrestrial radio stinks and it has for some time now. From the awful morning shows that are chocked full of shock jocks to the music being played,it’s all bad.

What’s worse is every radio station playing the same six songs in a rotation day after day. When you’re in a workplace where the radio is on all day like I am and you hear them over and over, it gets pretty damn frustrating. I get that those songs tend to be the hit songs of the moment,but just because they are doesn’t mean you have to be on overkill and play them again and again and again. It’s why radio stations are losing listeners and advertising revenue with this tired old model of playing the same shit over and over.

Let’s bring back freeform radio. It’s much more fun and it might save terrestrial radio from dying or becoming simulcasts of AM news stations.

CustomerService.jpg1. Quality customer service

I have to say of many things I’ve seen the quality of dip,customer service is one of them.

When I am at a store and I encounter a cashier and they don’t greet me or say nothing to me or even have a smile on their face,it bugs me a bit because part of your job is to engage with people. I should know,I’ve been in customer service for almost 19 years now. I get it, you don’t make enough money to “do your best”, none of us do, but the point is that you have to do your best when it comes to your job.

It is not hard to greet someone when they approach you or vice versa, it is not hard to ask if they need help finding something, it is not hard to wish someone a nice day.

Stop phoning it in! If you want robots to stop taking your jobs,then fight for them! Go the extra mile, treat people the way you want to be treated. If you don’t,Sparky the robot will,and he’ll work for free.

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