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Reviewing the new Sonic Pickle Juice Slush

On Monday, Sonic Drive-In came out with their new pickle juice slush. After hearing about this treat a couple months ago or so, I made it a point that when this came out I would try it and review it here.SonicPickleJuiceSlush

A full disclaimer: I hadn’t been to a Sonic in close to a decade because while their cool treats are very delicious, their warm food didn’t agree with my stomach. They have since redeemed themselves and I may go there more often. Also,for a time in my area all the Sonics closed and I wasn’t able to go to one unless I was on the road.

Now you’re probably wondering why in the world I would do something like this. The real question is “Why wouldn’t I do this?”, I’m willing to try oddities like this. I have before,I will again.

Neon green in color,the slush at first actually doesn’t taste like a pickle at all. In fact,it’s very sweet tasting ice and sugar. As you continue the drink,though,the dill in the juice comes alive. It did,however,come across as an aftertaste rather than the main attraction.

Overall, I thought it was very decent,especially in the beginning. I’m not the biggest fan of dill pickle flavoring, I’m actually more of a sweet pickle person. However, this was something I enjoyed overall. It’s something to think of trying if you’re a curious type that wants to find out what this tastes like,even if it’s once. You’ve got nothing to lose in doing so.

Sources have confirmed that the pickle juice slush will be available throughout the summer and I were you,I would pick one up to try.

Thumbs Up!



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