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Odds & Ends-Volume 152


The tragic death of Miami Marlins ace pitcher Jose Fernandez leads off Odds & Ends this week.

One of baseball’s brightest young stars, Fernandez was killed in a boating accident at the age of 24. He was one of three people killed in a boat crash off Miami Beach early Sunday morning and the boat near Government Cut and South Pointe Park. Two of those victims were found on top of the water and one underneath the boat. Speed is suspected to be a factor in the accident,however, there was no evidence of alcohol or illegal drug use.

The Marlins canceled their game against the Braves on Sunday. Fernandez was slated to start today.

“Sadly, the brightest lights are often the ones that extinguish the fastest,” Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria said in a statement. “Jose left us far too soon, but his memory will endure in all of us. At this difficult time, our prayers are with his mother, grandmother, family and friends.”

Fernandez was a two-time all star and had a career record of 38-17 and a 2.58 ERA in his four year career in Miami. This season he had a 16-8 record and a 2.86 ERA. He defected from Cuba to the United States on his fourth try in 2008 and became a citizen last year. He made his major league debut in 2013 and was the NL Rookie of the Year.

I woke up to the news of Fernandez’s death yesterday and was absolutely stunned. This was a guy who was just beginning to show how great he was and his best years were still ahead of him and what breaks my heart the most is that he won’t get to see his baby girl be born and he just announced that his girlfriend was pregnant last week. To me this is just another reminder that tomorrow isn’t a guarantee,that we need to be at our best every day. Fernandez did just that in just a short life that ended way too soon.

briansabean2Moving to everyone’s favorite underachievers, is it just me or does Brian Sabean need to regain the role of general manager of the San Francisco Giants?

After current general manager Bobby Evans wasn’t able to get a deal done to get a legitimate closer, he reflected on that and wondered if there was really anything he could do.

“…I truly, truly have no idea whether there was anything more I could have done,” Evans said to the San Jose Mercury News. “It remains a reflection. You’re always learning from your experiences. These are candid reflections and thoughts. You have them whether you’re having success or whether the results aren’t there. The intent is to be constructive. You’re looking for something you can take from it that might help in the next deal.”

You know who I think could have made a deal for somebody? His boss!

Sabean,for all his quirks and his faults prior to the team winning championships, was masterful at putting together teams that had the right guys and knew who to give up in return for those guys who helped to bring three titles to this franchise. I can’t help but think he could have done what Evans couldn’t and had he done so,the Giants wouldn’t have the most blown saves in baseball this season with 29 nor would they have lost as many games as they have in the second half of this season. Sure, a lot of that should be put on the field manager,and it is, but if the front office had some balls to make some moves that would’ve helped them win right now, these comments and opinions wouldn’t even be on a web page right now.sergioromo

As far as the situation with the team’s closer goes, Sergio Romo looks like he may be the best option to do so.

Romo,33,has been pitching very well lately and among many fans he is the best choice to make them forget that Santiago Casilla was a very bad closer for this team. Romo was once the closer before the aforementioned Casilla took over. Romo has picked up three saves in the last week and got the save in the team’s 9-6 win in 10 innings on Saturday to stay breathing in the Wild Card race.

At this point I think fans will be satisfied with Romo being in that spot because they don’t care who closes games as long as it isn’t Casilla in that role anymore. They just want to see their team play some bonus baseball and if that can happen,great,if not, they’re going to point to the team insisting on Casilla being the closer for far too long as one of the reasons why the Giants couldn’t make it happen this season.

RudyGay8Trade rumors involving Rudy Gay of the Sacramento Kings are heating up and this time the Lakers appear to be the ones most interested in the 30-year old small forward. Gay has been very vocal in the offseason about not wanting to be in Sacramento anymore and there were very few teams interested in him when the free agency period began.

The Lakers would send the Kings Lou Williams and Nick “Swaggy P” Young to Sacramento in exchange for Gay and honestly,I think if the Kings accept this trade if it ever happens, it would be a huge mistake and would send fans into straight up outrage.

First off, the Kings shit themselves when it came to the draft. They passed up the chance to draft a point guard and selected numerous big guys to a team that had enough big guys as it was. Then it took them forever to sign Ty Lawson who looks like he is on the downslide of his career. Second of all,if you’re the Kings,you’re going to want to squeeze whatever you can out of the Lakers in order for them to even get Gay. Williams and Young aren’t enough. Gun for something more,anything more,even if you have to get a third team involved somehow. Also, no Kings fan wants any part of Swaggy P in a Kings uniform. He’s going to suck and suck badly on a team that has sucked for far too long and a roster that should’ve been gutted following this past season.

Kevin Garnett announced his retirement Friday after 21 seasons in the NBA. His current team,the Minnesota Timberwolves, will Minnesota Timberwolves v Miami Heatwaive him, which will allow him to collect his entire $8 million salary for the 2016-17 season.

Garnett came into the league in 1995 (when I was in middle school) out of high school and put the Timberwolves on the map.

“I’m just thankful. I can’t even put that into words,” Garnett said in his farewell video on Instagram. “I’m just thankful. I’m just thankful for everybody and the love. I never would have thought that people love me like this. But, for it to be reality is just something else, man.”

Garnett joins Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant in retiring as those three superstars were drafted around the same time. Garnett made the most money in NBA history at $330 million.

I’m gonna miss Garnett. Sure he wasn’t as visible the last few years of his career, but he did spend those sunset years helping and mentoring the next generation of players on his team and depending on how well they do in seasons to come,I’d love to see him in the coaching ranks somewhere in the near future.

bradygarappolobrissettI can’t believe the New England Patriots are actually running out of quarterbacks. First Tom Brady is unnecessarily suspended for four games, then his replacement Jimmy Garoppolo gets hurt last week against the Dolphins and misses the next game. Enter Jacoby Brissett,a rookie from North Carolina State,who started for the game against Houston and played well. However, Brissett needs thumb surgery and will likely be out.

The team,however,has not announced who will start this week against Buffalo nor have they signed another quarterback to their roster.

Honestly,it doesn’t matter who starts for them next week,this team has a great system in place where just about any quarterback who has the ability to throw can succeed and/or manage the game well enough for them to win. My money is on Brissett because he’s the least injured quarterback right now. All I know is that the team is rolling and getting the job done like they’ve needed to and had to and that’s because their system is that good.

Two reasons I picked the Eagles to beat the Steelers on Sunday were because they were at home and also because of their rookie wentzquarterback,Carson Wentz.

Wentz has led the Eagles to three straight wins to start the season in a year where many (myself included) thought they were going to be rebuilding. They still might be,but right now they look like the best team in their division. Wentz was 23 of 31 for 301 yards passing and two touchdowns.

It makes me wonder what happened for the Browns to trade their second overall pick to the Eagles so they could select Wentz.

Did they not think he was worth picking? Whoever was behind that decision should be fired because Wentz is showing thus far that he’s the real deal and the Eagles are where they are because of how well he’s doing and the Browns are where they are (still) because their front office doesn’t know what they’re doing. They are a factory of sadness!

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