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Odds & Ends-Volume 143


We begin Odds & Ends this week with the Golden State Warriors and the rumours that a bunch of old fogeys are being targeted to be signed on theirWarriors roster for next season. Players like Ray Allen,40, Stephen Jackson,38,and Larry Sanders,who has not played in the league since 2014 with the Milwaukee Bucks have been mentioned as possible names who could play on the Warriors’ bench. The team has already signed David West who played with San Antonio last year. Former Denver guard Ian Clark rejoins the Warriors. Yet the team still needs to fill the voids that Marresse Speights,Harrison Barnes,and Festus Ezeli have left behind.

Allen last played in the league in 2014 with the Miami Heat and has yet to officially retire. He is without question one of the league’s all-time best shooters and would possibly join a team that has an entire roster full of shooters. The Cavaliers are also said to be interested.

Jackson last played in the NBA in 2014 with the Los Angeles Clippers and played with the Warriors from 2007-09. I honestly don’t see why the Warriors would even want him. He wasn’t as effective as a player in his final years and would be far from a replacement for any of the guys who left.
Sanders is 27 years old but has to prove he’s the player of old. He left the league due to excessive marijuana use as well as problems with anxiety,depression,and mood disorders.He would,to me,have to prove he’s past all of the problems that caused his exit from the NBA.

I think the Warriors have to make smart decisions regarding the rest of their bench and if they feel any of these guys are the answer,then so be it. But if you ask me,I think they should be getting younger,not older.

With the Kings having made recent free agent signings to help bolster their roster,it appears they aren’t done. Over the weekend,it was revealed that Rudy Gay,Ben McLemore and Kosta Koufos are on the trading block. Gay is on record as having requested the team move him. These guys are movable and a few deals I can see happening are as follows and were approved by the ESPN NBA Trade Machine.

Ben McLemore for Michael Carter-Williams

There's at least one guy who would love to see Kenneth Faried in Sacramento.

There’s at least one guy who would love to see Kenneth Faried in Sacramento.

The Kings need a point guard and there aren’t a great amount left to trade for or even sign off the free agent market. Carter-Williams is probably the best point guard who might be made available if Milwaukee is willing to trade for McLemore,who has yet to make the grade in his three seasons in Sacramento. Carter-Williams isn’t the best from beyond the arc, but he does have a career 41-percent field goal shooting percentage,which is feasible. I think the team just needs an additional guy who can run the floor and if this deal can get pulled off somehow,it would benefit Sacramento greatly.

Rudy Gay/Koufos for Kenneth Faried

Either Gay or Koufos could be traded to Denver for one of my favorite players,Kenneth Faried. Do the Kings necessarily need him? Probably not,but it wouldn’t hurt if he was here. He is a great scorer and for a big guy he hits three-point shots pretty regularly. I’ve wanted Faried to come to Sacramento for years and maybe this could be the chance we get to trade for him. Yes,it’s a bit of wishful thinking,but the trade works for both teams.

McLemore/Gay,Koufos for Gobert,Favors

Either McLemore or Gay along with Koufos could be shipped to Utah for yes,more size,but younger players.Both Gobert and Favors are 24 and seasoned veterans who could give the Kings a boost in the post. I do have a great amount of doubt about such a trade happening with the Jazz because I don’t think they would move either player.

It will no doubt be interesting to see who the Kings will trade if they do so. I do think Gay and McLemore will be gone,but Koufos may be back here next season. I’d be okay with that.

Diamondbacks Giants BaseballMadison Bumgarner came so close to throwing a perfect game on Sunday against the Arizona Diamondbacks,but he had probably one of,if not,the best pitching performance of his career. In the game,Bumgarner had a perfect game bid until the fifth inning when Jeremy Lamb reached on an error by Gregor Blanco. The no-hit bid was gone for good when Lamb lined a single into right field in the eighth inning.

While he didn’t get the no-hitter,he did get his 10th win of the season, striking out 14 Arizona batters and pitching a complete game and getting the win by the score of 4-0. The Giants won their 57th game of the season entering the All-Star break and have the best record in Major League Baseball.

“I don’t think a one-hit shutout ever stings,” Bumgarner said. “It felt good. It felt good all the way around.”

Had Bumgarner got the no-hitter,it would have been the fifth straight season the Giants recorded one,which would have been a major league record. There is,however,next time,which is when we’ll see you.

Oh,and one more thing before I go,I will once again guest co-host on SportsTalk 916 with Greg Boehl on Sunday, Jul. 17 at 8pm Pacific. We do hope you will join us!

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