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Things Everybody Else Loves That I Hate-Burning Jerseys

We have not done one of these since 2013 and I’ve actually been wanting to do this feature again for a while and a few ideas came to mind,but the right angle didn’t, until of course Kevin Durant decided that if he couldn’t beat the Golden State Warriors,he’d join them.DurantJerseyBurning

What happened next was 100-percent predictable, fans in Oklahoma City and elsewhere,would burn their blue and orange Kevin Durant Thunder jerseys in disgust. Not only did they burn his jersey,but also pairs of his shoes. One fan went the distance and took a giant shit on his jersey and then urinated on it.

Ever since LeBron James left Cleveland for Miami in 2010 (and then returned to Cleveland.where I’m sure the very same Cavaliers fans who burned their old LeBron jerseys shelled out hundreds of dollars on new ones), fans have taken the easy way out and have burned jersey after jersey after (insert player here) leaves their team via free agency. Now,don’t get me wrong, I didn’t agree with Durant’s decision to join the team that beat him a month ago, in fact, I wish he had stayed put so he can try and beat those guys because the spirit of competition is what makes sports great. I also feel for Thunder fans who are upset with his departure after everything he did for that team,that city,and that state, but burning a jersey is taking things too far.

I know some of you are wondering about me having been a proponent of Edmonton Oilers fans throwing their jerseys on the ice in the past and yes,yes I was. But these fans weren’t burning them. Oilers fans have more respect for that uniform than Oklahoma City Thunder fans have for theirs. Those fans were throwing jerseys on the ice in disgust of the team’s poor performance in the last decade. My hope is that those jerseys found good homes after that.

As a long time Sacramento Kings fan, I’m used to players leaving and breaking my heart,but I would never dream of burning their jerseys. There has to be a better way of disposing your expired laundry. Why not donate it to charity? Or why not keep it in the hopes that maybe someday he does in fact come back to the Thunder (Hey,LeBron came back to Cleveland,anything’s possible)? Anything but this.

Like I said, Thunder fans have every right to be frustrated,sad,and feeling left at the altar about Durant’s decision to move to greener pastures. But the jersey burning needs to stop. It makes you look like a stupid attention whore and an overall moron. I hope the next fan base who has their best player leave town in the near future reads this and takes a hint about how classless it is to burn a jersey. Knock that shit off!

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