Top Eight Things Overheard at the 2016 Grammys

From the home offices of in downtown Orangevale,Calif.



Top Eight Things Overheard At the 2016 Grammy Awards
8. Who the hell let Kanye West in?
7. Yes,I am Lou Bega. May I show you to your seat?
6. I’m sorry,Mr. West,but we are not sending someone to pass the hat for you!
5. Should I call 911 or does Miley Cyrus always look like that?
4. No,seriously,who let Kanye in?
3. Mr. Trump,this is the Grammys,not some rally for you to continue babbling on about how you want to build walls and deport everybody, and by the way,America has always been great!
2. If he can’t feel his face,he’s probably had a stroke!
1. I don’t know what was more sour: Adele’s performance or a sour cream itself

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