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Reviewing the New San Diego Padres Alternate Uniforms

On Tuesday,the San Diego Padres unveiled a new batch of uniforms that they’ll be wearing next season.


The first one that was unveiled was a new camouflage uniform,which were unveiled on a Navy ship and are Navy-themed digital camouflage. They’re navy blue in color which means they’ll fit in pretty nicely with the Padres’ navy blue colors already in place.

In previous years the team has worn either green or brown camo jerseys and now it’s navy blue’s turn. One thing that’s new about the uniforms is the script on the front which is new going forward. The navy blue jersey will be worn with navy blue caps with a white interlocking “SD” on them.

I gotta say they look pretty nice even though the whole wearing camo thing is getting kinda old. I get it,though,it’s San Diego,so therefore it’s tradition now.PadresASGJerseys

The second jersey that was unveiled as a new white home jersey which will be worn throughout the 2016 season as a commemorative All-Star jersey. The Padres will host the 2016 All-Star Game in July at Petco Park. The jersey is white with the colors of the ’16 All-Star Game in navy blue and yellow piped down the front of the jersey. The chest has the interlocking “SD” logo in navy blue with yellow trim as do the names and numerals on the back. The cap worn with these is navy blue in color with a white and yellow interlocking “SD” on the front. The “D” is yellow while the “S” is white. The cap was recently leaked online and is in fact going to be worn this season.

The uniform I’m most excited for is one I’ve been hoping for all along.


The brown and yellow uniforms are returning on a limited basis! Yes,that’s right,the Padres will wear a brown alternate jersey with yellow script and trim which was the color scheme they wore from birth in 1969 to 1984.But that’s not all, a retro-inspired brown cap with yellow front panel and a brown interlocking “SD” will be worn with it as well. The jerseys and caps will be worn every Friday home game. It’s been hinted that brown and yellow might be more prominent in 2017.

“We think it’s a major part of our DNA,” Padres president and CEO Mike Dee said. “To have it be a permanent part of our home portfolio, we thought was important.”

I like all three of these uniforms,but especially the brown and yellow uniforms. The Padres really,really,really,really need to go back to these full time. When you see a team in colors like brown and yellow,you instantly know who they are. Every other team is in either a red uniform or a blue one and I think it’s time we break up the continuity of that. Major League Baseball needs some more colors and I think brown and yellow would be a welcome edition.

Thumbs Up!


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