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Kings looking lost,playing uninspired ball without Cousins

So the Sacramento Kings lost yet another game,their fourth in a row,this time it was a winnable game to the Houston Rockets at Sleep Train Arena 116-110. It was winnable because Dwight Howard and Patrick Beverley were not playing,but it was a loss from the start and honestly,they deserved to lose.

The team started off ice cold and were down by 15 in the first quarter before slashing the deficit to six. They then fell back into a hole in the second and were down at halftime 61-50. But the bench did help bring them back to within two in the third quarter with the help of their bench. In the end,it wasn’t enough as the Rockets,led by James Harden’s 43 points.

Rudy Gay didn't show up for Friday's game vs. Houston despite having 15 points.

Rudy Gay didn’t show up for Friday’s game vs. Houston despite having 15 points.

This team looked absolutely lost last night,save for some of the bench players who played their asses off and had more life in them than the starting lineup did. Nobody was worse than Rudy Gay in this game. He was missing shots left and right,he failed to see open teammates, he kept the ball from moving down the court,and forced a lot of bad shots down the stretch. He honestly looked like he had never played in the NBA before Friday and it showed. Gay is a very important part of this team and yes,he is going to have some bad nights, but he’s a veteran who needs to show up when it matters most,especially without DeMarcus Cousins in the line-up,and he absolutely mailed it in on Friday. Yes,he had 15 points and five rebounds,but it didn’t feel like it. I’m not pinning this all on Gay, the starting line-up was off,too. There were guys missing not just shots,but easy shots,from like one-to-five feet away from the basket. If you’re missing shots so close to the hoop, chances are the other team is going to pick up on that and capitalize on that one mistake. That’s what the Rockets did and they did it well and it showed.

The star of the show for Sacramento was the bench. Darren Collison and Omri Casspi led the team with 22 points each. Collison showed more character and heart than anyone in the starting line-up,even connecting on a late three-pointer when the game was already decided. Even Seth Curry,the brother of MVP Stephen Curry, came into the game and brought a spark off the bench,scoring eight points. I think he should’ve been given the ball more down the stretch, I think he could’ve been the difference maker in whether this team won or lost.

“When we lost to Memphis I didn’t think we had energy,” Kings coach George Karl said. “I just wanted (us) to play with energy and I got it from our bench.”

When there’s a lack of that energy from your starting line-up,in addition to a lack of leadership,resiliency,and passion to win, that’s a problem. Cousins is starting to look like he’s the entire Kings team at this point and as a Kings fan, that bothers me. There are other talented players on this team and they need to step up in his absence. Big time.

I honestly don’t see them winning against the NBA World Champions,the Golden State Warriors tonight because for one thing,the Warriors are world beaters right now and second of all,Cousins isn’t there to try to lead any effort in doing that. If they can’t beat a Houston team without a few of its main starters, there’s not much to hope for against a Warriors team who has everyone healthy.

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