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Don’t Forget About Thanksgiving

Okay,so Halloween just ended on Saturday and now we continue our holiday season. Time to get the Christmas decorations out and start talking about Christmas and radio stations can now start playing Christmas music,right?Thanksgiving2


It seems to me that more and more and year after year, many people start either forgetting about Thanksgiving or just don’t care. As many people who know me know, it’s my favorite holiday. I love everything about it. even weaseled out of working that day when I was in the grocery industry because of my love for the day (and no,I’m not sorry for doing so). From traveling to see family to watching a ton of football to eating turkey,stuffing,and cranberry sauce and even my brother’s pumpkin cheesecake (which by the way is heaven!), how can you lose?

Beyond that, Thanksgiving is a day where teaches us the importance of giving and sharing, and being together with our family, friends,and loved ones. I understand that Thanksgiving is a difficult day to advertise unlike Halloween and Christmas, but this is still a very important part of American history and not celebrating would be like not celebrating Independence Day or Veteran’s Day.

So,what’s led to Thanksgiving being less important? Well, I think the over-commercialization of Christmas has played a giant part. From putting out candy and ornaments to buy in late October to putting Christmas music on the radio the moment Halloween is over, Christmas seems to be everyone too fast and too soon. Another thing that’s led to Thanksgiving being forgotten about is all the stores and retailers that are open on that day.

As stated before, I didn’t work on that day except for one year;2006. It wasn’t very fun to do nor was it worth the time and a half I got paid for the day,and this was at a store I really enjoyed working at,too! So from then on I made sure I wasn’t working that day. Mission accomplished!

But a lot of people weren’t and aren’t in the same position as me,therefore they have to work and not be with their families and loved ones. That bothers me in more ways than people will even know because no retailer should be open for a “6pm Thanksgiving Doorbuster”. Ever. And it seems like retailers are getting the message by staying closed on Thanksgiving Day. As far as grocers, I wish they,too,would be closed that day like they were in the olden days, but it is asking too much,especially if you’ve ran out of something.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing Christmas. I love Christmas. All I’m saying is that we should curb our enthusiasm for that day until a day that’s just as important ends.

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