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Odds & Ends-Volume 106


MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at San Francisco GiantsOver the weekend during the Giants’ series against the Rangers,the question was raised as to whether or not Madison Bumgarner is a racist.

This was following the two teams emptying their dugouts when Delino DeShields,Jr. popped out to second base in the fourth inning and tossed his bat in the process,an act Bumgarner hates. Adrian Beltre and Bumgarner got into a shouting match which prompted the benches and bullpen to clear. It also prompted writers to wonder about Bumgarner being a racist.

The evidence being suggested that because Bumgarner’s frustrations with batters of color such as Jesus Guzman, Yasiel Puig,Alex Guerrero,Carlos Gomez and now DeShields,he is some sort of racist. What isn’t being talked about is that batters that white like Todd Frazier,Ian Kinsler,and Troy Tulowitzki have also given Bumgarner fits for their actions on the field. It is also implied that because Bumgarner is perceived as a “country bumpkin” that the only thing he could be at this point is a racist.

I don’t think he is one at all. He is well liked by his teammates,both white and of color. I do think he is,at times,a bit of a hothead,but not a racist. He once gave a pair of cowboy boots to then-teammate Pablo Sandoval,which the latter was delighted for. He was also seen with his arm around former teammate Jean Machi during the World Series,consoling him. That’s no racist. He’s just a guy who doesn’t appreciate being shown up with a bat flip or otherwise. Period.

Problems with the turf at Levi’s Stadium have picked up where they’ve left off as the 49ers began training camp this past week. Prior to the team officially opening the stadium last season, the field suffered a number of problems leading then-head coach Jim Harbaugh to use neighboring sites to practice in and also a few high school games were rescheduled or postponed altogether.

The 49ers have their first eight practices scheduled for their home yard and it looks as though the field,but during the early portion of practice on Saturday it looked like field wouldn’t hold up. Coach Jim Tomsula is aware of the field’s conditions and has said he won’t hesitate to move practice elsewhere should the field look like it may pose serious injury risk to players.LevisStadium

Here’s my question: Why does a $1 billion stadium even have these issues in the first god damn place?

I understand that other events like soccer games, other football games,and even a Grateful Dead concert have taken place there,but you’d think a stadium with a price tag as big as this one would have some top notch quality grass to play on. Otherwise why the hell did this place cost so much to build to begin with?

Also,that new black end zone is hideous, replace that,too!

ProFootballHOFIt looks as though Junior Seau’s daughter,Sydney,will get to speak about her father at the Hall of Fame induction on Saturday,but she will still not be introducing him.

After the unveiling of Seau’s bust,Sydney will share her thoughts about her dad in an interview-style segment.

“Sydney will be given a chance to share thoughts about her father immediately following the unveiling of his bronzed bust,” the Hall of Fame said Saturday in a statement. “The unveiling, which typically features just the presenter and enshrinee, will include Sydney and Junior’s three sons. Her remarks will be live and onstage, in a fashion similar to interviews of returning Hall of Famers.”

The Hall of Fame has a policy in place that prevents live speeches for any posthumous induction.

While I appreciate the Hall letting Seau’s daughter speak about him, I still think there’s absolutely zero harm in letting her give a speech to honor her dad. I think whatever she has to say is important to get out there,whether it’s about her dad’s career,his concussion issues,or even how he died.
John Smoltz,who was inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame last week talked about Tommy John surgery and how it affects kids of a young age and nobody seemed to be bothered by it. In fact,Smoltz was praised. Why is talking about concussion-related issues such a bad thing for the NFL? If some good can come out of it,why not? The NFL and the Hall of Fame are making fools of themselves in an attempt to protect themselves.

I’m glad Sydney gets to speak about her father,but the Hall of Fame should go “all in” and let her induct her Dad like he would’ve wanted.

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