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Odds & Ends-Volume 101


2015ASGLast week, Odds & Ends covered All-Star voting and how I believe that tweeks need to be made for the voting system due to the fact that damn near every starting spot for the American League is claimed by a Kansas City Royal.This week, Rob Manfred says that changes are open for consideration.

Manfred said ,”If, after the game, we decide fan voting needs an adjustment, that will be an adjustment we’ll make for next year.”

Also,60 to 65 million votes were thrown out by Major League Baseball for fear of improper voting,according to the Detroit Free Press. Major League Baseball officials said that this practice is commonly used to eliminate improper votes,but even with those washed-out votes,eight Royals are still slated to start in July’s All-Star Game in Cincinnati.

I really do hope we see some changes to the system because in all honesty,who wants to see an All-Star line-up with nothing but Royals (possibly Lorde)? I think if this happens, Madison Bumgarner should be starting National League starting pitcher, he’s good at mowing down Royals. That as a Giants fan would delight me!

OremOwlzThe Orem Owlz, a minor league baseball team in the Angels organization (Rookie Class) based in Orem, Utah, 45 miles outside of Salt Lake City got a lot of bad publicity this past week when the team decided to have something called Caucasian Heritage Night. It was meant to be a joke where the team would sell hamburgers served on white Wonder bread with mayonnaise and show clips of Friends and Seinfeld on the Jumbotron. The event was scheduled to take place on Aug. 10.

In the wake of the recent tragic shooting in South Carolina that was racially motivated,the team has since canceled the event and even the team’s broadcaster who just started his job resigned after voicing his own concerns about the event.

This was the absolute right decision, but more importantly, this is not a promotion to even have in the first place. We’re living in a time in this country where racial tension is very high and the slightest thing that may seem racist,intentionally or unintentionally,is going to be scrutinized. Some people are even offended that the Owlz canceled this event,but the thing is that this event in this time just can’t happen,not now,possibly not ever, especially in an area that’s 95-percent white.

I get the joke and the premise of the event,but it’s unfortunately not a very good one.

With the Golden State Warriors winning their first title since 1975, is it worth givng the idea of staying in Oakland a second WarriorsParadechance?

For years the Warriors have been planning to build a new arena somewhere in San Francisco, but those plans have increased opposition.

“I want them to stay in Oakland, because I feel if they go to San Francisco, it might turn people away from going to the games,” Warriors fan Steve Ha told KPIX in San Francisco. “Because I feel like the die-hard fans are here.”

Of course, as Kings fans here know,arenas are not cheap in the slightest. My issue isn’t that,it’s that how can you leave a city after winning a championship there? I know the Warriors are a regional team that fans all around the Bay Area love,but

Oakland is where they are and have been for almost 45 years and have received great support through the good times and bad. I think they’re definitely worth giving another look before ultimately deciding to across the bay.

Golden1CenterThe Sacramento Kings have a new name for their new arena, the Golden 1 Center, named of course after Golden 1 Credit Union, which is headquartered in the city and has branches in 34 counties in California. Golden 1 will pay $120 million over the span of 20 years. The name of the arena will be on top of the new arena as well as the main entrance and at center court on the Jumobtron and also on the court as most NBA arenas do.

“We are more than just a name on a building,” Golden 1 CEO Donna Bland said. “This an investment in the future of Sacramento.”

I like the name even though some say it sounds like the name for an arena the Warriors would play in. It’s from a local company who has been in the area forever, it makes a lot of sense. Plus,it’s a credit union and I am pro-credit union and it won’t cost me any money to get cash out of their ATMs since I belong to a credit union,so I win there. Hopefully the Kings win a lot of ball games there as well.

Gilbert Arenas did something stupid again. No,he’s not brandishing a weapon in an NBA locker room, but he did act bat shit crazy.

Sometime last year, Arenas smashed his own car with a cinder block that his now ex-girlfriend once drive after she smashed all 34 windows in his California home and threw his computer into a swimming pool which had,of all things, his Netflix password which he didn’t remember because it was auto-saved. The video of Arenas smashing his own car was released by TMZ last week.

Gilbert says, “I don’t remember my #Netflix password it was auto saved, you piece of shit. u take a person #Netflix away,nothing else matters.”

Arenas added, “Here’s my comment: I LIKE NETFLIX… speaking of Netflix has anybody seen #Champs with Tysons holyfield and Hopkins???”

No explanation was offered as to why his ex-girlfriend vandalized his property.

Oh,Gil, you haven’t changed a bit,have you? When you go ape shit over something as trivial as Netflix,it makes us lose next to no respect for you because we lost all of that when you were bringing guns into the locker room and acting crazy back then. The shit you’ve gotten yourself into has been entertaining to hear about. You do,however,need to get some help.

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