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Time to hit the panic button on 2015? Yes,yes,yes!!!

GiantsEven though I now foolishly predicted the Giants would make a return trip to at least the NLCS this season, I had a feeling their season would start out exactly how it has.

Let’s face it,this team is absolutely lost without Pablo Sandoval at third base, without Hunter Pence in the line-up,and without standout guys from last year such as Travis Ishikawa and Andrew Susac. Beyond that, the front office did very little to improve the roster from last year to this year. Sorry,but getting Nori Aoki and Casey McGehee is not a very impressive offseason and the Giants’ 3-9 record is living proof of it.

You can tell me that there’s plenty of season left and that there’s time to turn things around and that it’s a marathon,not a sprint, but what I see in front of me with all four eyes is a team that doesn’t have their shit together at all, that can’t their way out of a fucking paper bag (especially Brandon Belt,who chases every fucking pitch and misses),has no sense of urgency to win,and is in dire need of suitable leadership. Not only that,but the teams that the Giants are playing are not only outplaying them,but also outmanaging them. Why Bruce Bochy isn’t shaking things up like maybe giving Yusmeiro Petit a start in the rotation is beyond me. I think Bochy is a terrific manager,but right now, I’ve questioned some of the moves he has or hasn’t made thus far this season.

If this is what Giants fans have to look forward to following the team’s third world championship in five years, then it’s going to be a long summer. Something needs to happen,and it needs to happen fast. Losing game after game is absolutely unacceptable from a team that has been known in recent memory to find a way to win. Right now,that’s not being done and someone in that organization needs to light some fires under some asses.

Oh,and call up Ishikawa and Susac, they’re not needed in Sacramento, they’re needed with the parent club.

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