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Tale of the Tape-Edmonton Oilers vs. Oakland Raiders

Tale of the Tape

Welcome to another edition of Tale of the Tape. Now I’m sure you’re probably wondering “Hey,Sports Geek, why are you doing a Tale of the Tape with these two teams attached?”, and that’s a fair and valid question. The reason why is because these once proud franchises have been mired in futility since their last playoff appearance,which for both teams was their last appearance in a championship game/round. The Oilers last made the playoffs in 2006 when they fell to the Carolina Hurricanes in the Stanley Cup Finals while the Raiders’ last postseason match-up was in Super Bowl XXXVII, which they lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So to determine who is in worse shape,let’s go to the Tale of the Tape.

The Front Office

Edmonton Oilers-It’s run by owner Daryl Katz, president of hockey operations Kevin Lowe,and general manager Craig MacTavish. It turns out that if you were a good player for this team in the 1980s, you get to run the show here no matter how good or bad the team is.

Oakland Raiders-They’re owned by Mark Davis, the son of the late Al Davis (and owner of a bad haircut) and general manager Reggie MacKenzie. It turns out the qualification to own this team is to be related to the guy who owned it before you.

Draft Picks

Edmonton Oilers-They’ve drafted well in recent years with guys like Taylor Hall,Jordan Eberle,and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins who are absolutely talented on a team with guys who aren’t so talented around them.

Oakland Raiders-JaMarcus Russell,Robert Gallery,Darrius Heyward-Bey,and many many more busts in the team’s recent draft history. These are just the ones that sting the most.



Edmonton Oilers-Despite the team’s futility, the fans still come out to support the team. Well, most of the time. Even though they sell-out games, the seats sometimes get to be a bit empty.

Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders
Oakland Raiders-They come most of the time, but it is Oakland and it is the Coliseum, and we all know how vacant that third deck can get.

Why Free Agents Don’t Come Here

Edmonton Oilers-It’s very cold in Edmonton during the season, it can get as cold as -30º C and not many players want to play somewhere like that,especially if they’re in a constant rebuilding mode


Oakland Raiders-Every reason that was mentioned with the Oilers,minus the cold. But Oakland is a violent place,so…


Fan Reaction to the Futility


Edmonton Oilers-Fans have held protest rallies around Rexall Place and have been known to toss their jerseys onto the ice in disgust of the team’s continuous losing ways.

New Orleans Saints v Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders-They aren’t throwing jerseys on the field or burning them, but they are known to wear paper bags on their heads at games


New Arena/Stadium on the Horizon?


Edmonton Oilers- In 2016, the Oilers will leave their current home since 1974, Rexall Place,and move into the new Rogers Place located in downtown Edmonton. Fans,however,wonder if a real professional hockey team is moving in.


Oakland Raiders- Nothing new as far as Oakland is concerned. Other options have included San Antonio,Concord, and even hooking up with hated rivals,the Chargers,to share a stadium in the Los Angeles suburb of Carson,Calif.


Yep,They Did That

Edmonton Oilers-Fired former head coach Ralph Krueger via Skype

Oakland Raiders-Had a Powerpoint presentation on why they had to fire Lane Kiffin

Advantage-Oilers (The Raiders knew before we did that Kiffin wasn’t good head coaching material, Krueger actually had this team showing some promise before his premature exit)

Reasons to Believe Things are Gonna Stay this Way


Edmonton Oilers-The front office hasn’t made the kind of moved the fans were hoping they would. It shouldn’t take this long for a team to complete it’s rebuild,especially when it’s taken far less time for their hated rivals,the Calgary Flames, to get back to their winning ways.


Oakland Raiders-Because ownership isn’t active when it comes to free agents or trades. You know how Jimmy Graham got traded? Where were the Raiders when it became known he was available for trade? They’ve got cash and can trade draft picks. He would’ve been a great splash trade for them and instead, their biggest free agent signing as of press time is Roy Helu. Really?

Advantage-Oilers (The Old Boys Club Needs to Go!)

Reasons to Believe Things Are Looking Up


Edmonton Oilers-They do have an exciting group of young talent like Eberle,Hall,and Nugent-Hopkins and even Nail Yakupov’s game is finally turning around. Also,guys like Derek Roy and Rob Klinkhammer have been added to a mix of guys who are hoping to turn it around. Also,new coach Todd Nelson has this team playing better and more competitive hockey,even in losses which have been close.


Oakland Raiders-They do have a great young quarterback in Derek Carr who surprised many with his exceptional play for Oakland despite their 3-13 record. They also have James Jones who is well known from his time in Green Bay who is still a valuable wide receiver. Add some more talent to the backfield and another wideout and this team’s offense might flourish.

This Team Needs…

Edmonton Oilers-A new front office and a winning culture and maybe a good goaltender. The way that Katz,Lowe,and MacTavish have run things is no way to run a team. Not only has the losing been happening,it’s been accepted and until the “Old boys club” is no longer running the show, it may continue to be like this in Oil Country

Oakland RaidersA winning culture much like Edmonton does,but also somebody Carr can throw to. Amari Cooper perhaps?


So there you have it,when it comes to these two teams, the Oilers are very much worse off. But cheer up,Edmonton,your team is still very much alive in the Connor McDavid Sweepstakes.


That’s it for this edition of Tale of the Tape,untl next time!



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