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Odds & Ends-Volume 89


This is a special Super Bowl edition of Odds & Ends!

SBXLIXWell,we had quite the game yesterday. I think all would agree it was much,much,much,much better than the slaughter that took place last year,even with the first quarter where not much happened other than Tom Brady getting picked off by Jeremy Lane only to severely break his arm on the return.

A close game until the end, the two teams were tied at 14 at intermission.

The Seahawks looked like they were going to run away with the game as they led 24-14 after the third quarter. Even I was feeling kinda hopeless about the Pats coming back, but that’s why they play a 60 minute football game, not a 45 minute one.

Tom Brady led two scoring drives with a touchdown pass to Danny Amendola to bring the Patriots within three. Then Julian Edelman gets into the end zone and they take a 28-24 lead with two minutes left in regulation.

But the Seahawks weren’t done. Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch led Seattle down the field. With about a minute to go,Jermaine Kearse made an unbelievable circus catch that was reminiscent of David Tyree and Mario Manningham. I’m sure Patriots fans were thinking “Oh god,not again!”, I know I was.Super Bowl XLIX Seattle Seahawks against the New England Patriots

But the Seahawks still had work to do. With the ball at the 7-yard line, Lynch got the ball down to the 1-yard line. Then, for some reason,it was decided that passing the ball on 2nd and Goal was the way to go and with 20 seconds left in the game, Malcolm Butler of the Patriots picks off Wilson and it ended the game. Tom Brady wins his fourth ring,as does the franchise as they won it 28-24.

I was stunned at that end result. Weirder things have happened in games,but that was a wild finish. I’m a very happy Patriots fan as they end a 10-year championship drought and Brady gets considered as one of the greatest of all time.

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle SeahawksThe big question seems to be why the Seahawks elected to pass the ball rather than let Lynch run it in to seal the deal for them.

I’m among those asking because you have this big back who had a touchdown in the game already and could’ve ran it in again on that infamous 2nd and Goal play. Even his teammates were wondering why Lynch wasn’t getting the ball.

“We were going to run the ball to win the game — just not on that play,”Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said. “They had sent in their goal-line people. They had guys on the line of scrimmage. So we thought we’d spread them out with three wides. … We had three downs and we had a timeout.”

As my dad would often say when watching games together “Punch it in! No guts,no glory!”, and he’s right. They should’ve run the ball to win the game, but that’s neither here nor there now. This loss may be haunting for a while,and it’s all because of what might’ve been.

KatyPerryThe halftime show was great just like year with Katy Perry doing her thing and doing it well. So many different outfits, but my favorite was the Hot Dog on a Stick-inspired uniform. I thought it went well with the sparkly shoes.

I was disappointed we didn’t see more of Lenny Kravitz, he was out there for like two minutes and then it was like he had a plane to catch after that. Then Missy Elliott, who I didn’t even recognize, came out and did her thing. It was like it was 2003 all over again.

Perry was a great choice for the halftime show, but I’d love to see someone cool like “Weird” Al Yankovic perform at halftime. He puts on a damn good show and would be excellent for this kind of stage.

As for the commercials, the majority of them sucked. Honestly,the lone ad I chuckled at was the one for Avocados from Mexico where the first ever draft was held. It was pretty funny!

For the most part, these ads were either unfunny, too dark and depressing,and they made you want to feel. Most notably the one for Nationwide where the kid dies and they’re basically saying “Buy our insurance or this is what will happen to your kids”.

Having lost a dear family member recently, I was in no mood to see a commercial so depressing and sad. This is the Super Bowl, a time to celebrate, a time to have fun, and a time to unwind and laugh. We shouldn’t be having to think about domestic violence and children dying while watching the game. But then again, these companies are wasting $4.5 million at a time, not me.

Finally,I have to talk about the Seahawks being bad at sportsmanship at the end of the game. Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks

After Malcolm Butler’s pick, the Pats went to line up in a victory formation when Michael Bennett went offsides, and then it was on. Bruce Irvin and Rob Gronkowski exchanged words and blows. Irvin also got tangled up with Patriots tight end Michael Hoomanawanui. Irvin was ejected.

It’s bad enough these guys proved to everyone last year in the NFC Championship Game that they were far from being gracious winners, they have now become sore losers. Big time sore losers.

You guys blew it,own that,and move on. Don’t start shit because you lost.


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